Way too early for this…

21 10 2008

A little back story…. my sister is married to a great guy, we’ll call him New England (NE) ’cause he’s a fan of the Pats & the Red Sox. Anyway, it just so happens that NE’s parents and my parents knew one another before these two got married. This has created a real fun roller coaster over the past 3 years…  NE’s parents tend to be petty and childish when dealing with my parents. Not just me saying this, it’s my sister too. And NE isn’t very happy either…

Our newest saga:

Sister is pregnant. It’s now October. She’s due in MAY. We’re all very excited. I’m even looking at baby stuff online and thinking about sewing, quilting & knitting… Sister & NE are looking at making it through the first trimester healthy & happy. Good call.

This baby business, however, has created yet another ride on the coaster from hell. NE’s parents told my mom early last week that the baby’s middle name was decided. This is, in fact, not the case, but this caused my mother significant distress, since she thought my sister hadn’t told her. My sister heard about this, emailed her mother in law with the TRUTH and considered the situation done. Imagine our surprise when my father had the same experience later last week.

Now, this same sort of thing happened with the wedding. My sister and I pleaded with my mother to be stronger & tougher when the in-laws tried to feed her this garbage. But, my mom, when slapped in the face with these comments, gets very upset.  What she isn’t realizing though is that it’s HER daughter having this baby. My MOM comes first with all news & information. Not the in-laws.

It took me an hour and a half conversation last night, nearly yelling at my mom, to convince her that she is right, they are wrong. That she comes first, they come dead last. That she will be the one called in every situation. If my sister can’t find our mom, she’ll probably call ME, not the in-laws, to find my mom.

I think she’s finally come around and understands, but we’ll need to reinforce it. Mother-in-law is going to have a really tough time getting the point that she has no place in the immediate pecking order… But god help her if she starts taking this out on my mother with random snide and inappropriate comments…

And anyway, isn’t it like 6 or 7 months too early to be worrying about all this crap?




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18 11 2008
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[…] that’s just Tuesday… sometime Wednesday, I expect my parents to arrive and perhaps the dreaded in-laws…  And then Wednesday night, we have a fun and exciting outing planned. Sister, her friend […]

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