Losing my mind?

26 10 2008

Today, I’m annoyed with myself. For the past week, I was supposed to do a few things. And I’ve forgotten. Completely and totally. One of these things was to send an email. How the heck did I forget to do that? It’s not like I’m not online most of the time…

So I’m totally blaming this lack of memory on another party. You know who you are.

Someone gave me an idea the other day that happens to go along with something I talked to my mom about… photography & cameras. I have this kick-ass 35mm film camera. It’s really awesome. I had a digital camera… I broke it. It was basic, but it had amazing zoom capability.

So anyway, instead of remembering to do all these things yesterday, I spent the majority of the day taking pictures, getting them developed and uploading them. Yesterday was a very gray day here. And I was worried that the pictures would just be boring and ugly. But I was pleasantly surprised to find they look pretty cool…

So now I’m going to send that email… I’ve selected location #2 and I’ll just have to hope that it’s sunny next Saturday…



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