I’m sorry…

29 10 2008

I’m sorry. I have nothing annoying me right now to write about. I AM annoyed, believe me. Pissed is more like it. But I met this person. Same person I blamed for the pictures, who has me in a relatively good mood as of late.

And even though I had a meeting tonite that was supposed to take 1 1/2 hours, but took nearly 3… and the contents of said meeting made me quite the angry girl, I’m still in a good mood.

Part of me likes to think I don’t care anymore, and I’m positive a small part of it is that. But most of it is this other happy person.

Damn Happy Person infecting me with their happy-go-lucky mood. How dare you interefere with my annoyance and anger??!! How dare you!?!?

Meh. And I still can’t be mad at the fact… geezus. What’s wrong with me?



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8 11 2008
So much going on… « Rants of an Annoyed Angel

[…] same person I blamed in my “I’m Sorry” post is still making his mark. He’s totally rad. His involvement in my life has […]

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