Way too early for this…

21 10 2008

A little back story…. my sister is married to a great guy, we’ll call him New England (NE) ’cause he’s a fan of the Pats & the Red Sox. Anyway, it just so happens that NE’s parents and my parents knew one another before these two got married. This has created a real fun roller coaster over the past 3 years…  NE’s parents tend to be petty and childish when dealing with my parents. Not just me saying this, it’s my sister too. And NE isn’t very happy either…

Our newest saga:

Sister is pregnant. It’s now October. She’s due in MAY. We’re all very excited. I’m even looking at baby stuff online and thinking about sewing, quilting & knitting… Sister & NE are looking at making it through the first trimester healthy & happy. Good call.

This baby business, however, has created yet another ride on the coaster from hell. NE’s parents told my mom early last week that the baby’s middle name was decided. This is, in fact, not the case, but this caused my mother significant distress, since she thought my sister hadn’t told her. My sister heard about this, emailed her mother in law with the TRUTH and considered the situation done. Imagine our surprise when my father had the same experience later last week.

Now, this same sort of thing happened with the wedding. My sister and I pleaded with my mother to be stronger & tougher when the in-laws tried to feed her this garbage. But, my mom, when slapped in the face with these comments, gets very upset.  What she isn’t realizing though is that it’s HER daughter having this baby. My MOM comes first with all news & information. Not the in-laws.

It took me an hour and a half conversation last night, nearly yelling at my mom, to convince her that she is right, they are wrong. That she comes first, they come dead last. That she will be the one called in every situation. If my sister can’t find our mom, she’ll probably call ME, not the in-laws, to find my mom.

I think she’s finally come around and understands, but we’ll need to reinforce it. Mother-in-law is going to have a really tough time getting the point that she has no place in the immediate pecking order… But god help her if she starts taking this out on my mother with random snide and inappropriate comments…

And anyway, isn’t it like 6 or 7 months too early to be worrying about all this crap?


16 10 2008

In order for practices & games to happen, The Organization has to spend crazy amounts of money on field rental, equipment, jerseys etc. And some of us actually try to keep track of where that equipment is, what condition it’s in, does it need replaced and so on.

We also host a number of events throughout the year and try to buy things like glasses, etc. in bulk. Some of us even try to save things from the year before so that we don’t have to buy them year after year.

And as hard as we work to keep track of things and avoid the additional costs, there are people out there who constantly do the exact opposite. I seriously think it’s their sole purpose in life sometimes. But what it really comes down to is irresponsibility. They didn’t buy it themselves so even though their practice/game/event depends on it, they have no vested interest in those things showing up at the next practice/game/event. We’re talking items from a few bucks to $70 jerseys to hundreds of dollars worth of posters & banners. They just don’t care.

I really have a hard time understanding this lack of respect for things that you actually NEED. And no matter what I’ve tried, I can’t figure out a way to teach them that what they are doing isn’t right. I wish I could say that I give up, but that would be lying.

Friday Five – a few days late

13 10 2008

I want to try taking on this every week. We’ll see… for now, this past Friday’s Friday Five.

1. What is the one most important thing by your side right now?

My cell phone.

2. Why is it so important?

If I don’t have it, I’m out of touch with everyone. Especially my parents and sister.

3. Can you live without it?


4. What is the one thing you can’t live without?

My phone.

5. Who is the one person you can’t live without?

My sister

The Job

13 10 2008

So, as I said previously, the “Men” had a job to finish last night. I was originally promised 6 guys. By the time 6pm came along, I had three names. One who promised to be there (Hamstring), with his girlfriend (my teammate, Law School).  And I knew they’d be there. The other two, not so much.

The bar wasn’t too busy around 8pm, so I dragged the one table we had to refinish out back, threw on the safety goggles and sanded the top of it. I stained the top of it and went home for a while. I returned to the bar and the table was still untouched, so that was good. I let one potential worker leave because one of the guys ended up at the bar and I thought he could help. I was wrong. By 1:30 am, I had pizza (yay!), one drunk guy who ended up walking out and the original guy & his girlfriend. THAT IS IT. As people cleared out of the bar, I squatted next to the bar and rough sanded the front that we were to poly. Then Law School, Hamstring and I literally attached the face of the bar with poly. We were done in 30 minutes. 30 dang minutes…

Not the perfect job I would obviously like, but it was good enough since it needs a 2nd coat. I am so grateful to those two for helping. It would have taken me alone 3 hours.

But we have a problem. The men are supposed to get $1,000 for finishing this job. The job which has taken them nearly 9 months to finally complete. But during those 9 months, there was o

The “Woman Touch Judge”

12 10 2008

So, okay, “The Organization” is rugby. I’m giving up hiding that because what happened today cannot be ignored. I’m pissed. Or at least I was. So anyway, I play rugby, an am administrative slave, and occasionally I like to go out and “run touch.” Run touch means you’re kind of an official… sort of. You’re called a Touch Judge (TJ). You walk or run along the side line, aka the line of “touch” – if the ball crosses this line, or a player carrying the ball crosses or touches the line, the ball is “in touch.” This means there is a line out, where a player throws in the ball, and well, it’s complicated.

I’ve been doing this for YEARS. And I’ve gained a local reputation for being quite honest & good at this. There are local refs that will ask me to run touch during games. I take that as a compliment, and I truly try to be good at this job and not favor either team. I have never, EVER had a complaint about my touch judging. EVER. In days past, USA Rugby would certify touch judges. Unfortunately, they don’t do that anymore. But I have the certification course book and I read it a before each season and a few times during, along with the laws.

Out men had a game today and I was running touch. The first issue came when one of our players was kicking for the extra points after you score a try. A conversion. His kick came really, really close to being no good. But by one width of a ball, the kick was good. And myself and the other team’s TJ said it was good also. The other team’s captain (aka #3) complained about the “Woman Touch Judge.” I walked away.

The next incident involved a kick for touch. It’s hard to judge this sometimes, but I thought I marked it right. But #3 complained AGAIN about the  “Woman Touch Judge.” The FINAL complaint was when their player kicked for touch, the ball crossed the try line and went into touch-in-goal. I called it as such. This results into a 22-meter drop kick. AGAIN #3 complained and asked for a new touch judge.

I then called one of my club’s players in touch. Right before he scored a try. Resulting in my team losing the ball!!! I could have totally ignored it, because it took the ref about 2 minutes to realize I was holding my flag up, indicating the ball went into touch.

The next break was the half break. And the ref came up to me and basically told me that he had no doubt my calls were right, but to “avoid the illusion of impropriety”,  he was asking me to back out of my job. He then went and told #3 the same thing – that I made NO BAD CALLS. BUT I WAS STILL REMOVED FROM THE JOB.

Fast forward to the social at our bar later. The other team’s players told me they thought what #3 did was WRONG (even though they thought I called things wrong. DUMB.), and that I deserved an aplogy. Well, I got the apology, but it’s not enough. I think the men’s team are filing a complaint with our local regulating board.

I spoke with a few well-seasoned players on my team (even the guy I said went into touch, taking away his try!), and they know how honest I am, and that I try very hard to do a good job. And they all agreed that it was insane for that ref to call me out, and not yell, or penalize #3.

I’m over it now, because I have faith in my ability to be a TJ. I know I’m good at it. And I appreciate the support my guys gave me. I’m proud of them for standing up for me. And now, after this horrendous blog post, I’m much happier.

Now I’m off to polyurethane the bar. Yay.

And the rants begin…

9 10 2008

So I’ve been tossing around the idea of blogging for quite some time now. Mostly because I need an outlet for venting that is not in physical human form in front of me. And through my forays into the blogosphere, I have read a good friend’s blog almost religiously, and gained some currently internet-based friendships with people whose opinion on this I’ve come to trust. And they all believe that I should be out here sharing with everyone. Such a scary thought.

Now, considering the number of people I interact with on a daily or weekly basis, we’re going to end up with a long, long list of who’s who when I figure out what to call everyone… It’s almost an impossible task to undertake, but I really am looking forward to coming up with names & descriptions for all the crazies I know. It’s gonna be a great time!!

I have a few activites that I don’t want to totally share here, and it’s hard to do so, so I’m going to have to get used to it. Sufficed to say, I’m involved with a local organization that involves men and women. We’re totally one group. That is the “Company Line.” But we’re still, somehow, two individual groups in one organization. As a member of the administrative team, it’s seriously hard to manage that. I’m probably the one female in the club that supports the men more than anyone else, yet they drive me insane.

The “Men” have this job they have to finish… they started it a long time ago. It could net them $1000 if they EVER finish… and this weekend is the planned “finish.” Note that the work has to be done after a certain establishment closes… at 2am… We tried to finish this a few weeks ago. But only one other person showed up besides me – the organizer of said work, who will now be called “Dilbert”. So this Saturday we’re spreading the word that people need to show up. I have this annoying idea that it’s going to be two of us again… and that will stink. And that will result in my demanding that the $1000 be split somehow (70-30?) between the boys and girls. The girls did show up at one point to help us do some cleaning. I already do enough for these people, no reason I should just do all this stuff for the guys when they don’t show, right? Right?