Yinz Team Turkey Bowl

30 11 2008

Wow. What a weekend. Flackle (sorta flag, sorta tackle) football yesterday? A total blast. And I can still walk today! It felt really good to get out there and run around. I’ve been down on rugby and any sort of physical activity lately. But this has got me back ready to go… I might even take up Cross Fit in December. I think I have a death wish.

It’s really hard to re-cap the game. Just imagine about 18 or so people running around in circles, some falling down, some losing their pants… Apparently at quarterback, it seemed like mass chaos. At one point “yellow hat” hit me and unfortunately for him, he fell down and I didn’t. Whoops. Sorry about that. But he got me back later with a hit that literally cracked every bone in my spine. Thanks for the free chiropractic adjustment!

I did manage to maintain my ability to literally dive and fall down at nearly every attempt to grab someone’s flag. I do the same in touch rugby. I’m always falling down. And people wonder why I always have bruises. Duh.

I think I’ve met 90% of Yinz Team in person now. And they are spectacular folks. Truly. Thank you for welcoming me into the fold. I’m looking forward to getting together with all of them again soon, and meeting anyone I haven’t yet.

“Team” pic is here.

More pics are here and here.

Music is My Muse… – 6

29 11 2008

I’m a scaredy cat. We all know that by now… but tomorrow is the day. Err, rather, later today is the day… We’re finally at the early morning of the Yinz Team Turkey Bowl Football Classic.

(I’m totally digging the new Metallica CD. Feel free to give me your comments on good/bad/worse/better… I’m interested to hear. But holy shit. You MUST watch this video. As I watched, I reconsidered my use of this song. But the video. Watch it till the end. WOW. WOW. I’m impressed.)

I have nearly successfully scared myself out of every other Yinz Team or Pittsburgh Blogger event. But not completely. I did go to the last Blogfest, but was still so stressed and nerve-wracked that I couldn’t bring myself to talk to but one person! Ridic. I know.

Last night, when I sent out my “Hey I’ll be home early, who’s going out?!” Plurk message, I got a response from tehjim telling me that he, Woy, douglasderda and some others were going bowling. I had yet to hear from any of my other friends, and spending yet another night stopping into My Living Room was NOT what I wanted to deal with after this wacko week. So I immediately decided to go.

And, I actually went. And I’m really glad that I did. It was the most relaxed, chill environment. Exactly what I needed. I’d list off the others who were there, and details on the fun bowling games, but it’s late and I need to go to bed. There were 8 of us total. It really was a fun time. And if they ever extend the invite to me again, and I don’t have to work at My Living Room, I will make sure to be there. It was that relaxing and that much fun.

I’ve got all my athletic warm gear ready to go… But I’m sure I’ll freeze my butt off.

I’m off to bed in preparation for my attempt at football. See yinz tomorrow.


28 11 2008

  • I’m heading home today. Earlier than originally planned.
  • I was sad to leave my mom and dad. Very sad. I hate that moment when I hug them goodbye. I always start crying.
  • But I’m glad I’m going home. Hard to explain.
  • In just 3 weeks I’ll be boarding a plane for Tampa though.
  • I may go bowl tonight as a prelude to the Yinz Team Turkey Bowl Football Classic.
  • I am going to suck at Football tomorrow. I can’t block. I only do the lateral pass. Fail, fail, fail.
  • I am proud to say I just wasted about an hour trying to figure out what to post here. Yay me!

The Madonna Show

27 11 2008

ticket1First things first. We all know I wasn’t really looking forward to this. The actual show was totally amazing. Two hours of constant entertainment. It surpassed all expectations.


Now, the fact that we had a parking pass, were seated in a suite that had free food and booze… those were just a big bonus. We were seated in section 244A which is basically directly across from the stage to the left.


We didn’t get to the stadium until around 8:45 or so. We planned it that way since we thought Madonna wouldn’t go on until 9:15. We grabbed some food (each suite has catered food -ours was your basic appetizer fare) and a drink and managed to snag the last three seats in front of the window. Win!

And then we waited. Until after 10pm for her to take the stage.


But it was seriously worth the wait. I’ve never gone to a concert where it was presented as a “show.” Or where the person putting on said “show” dances for 99% of the show. And I was impressed. As were my sister and her friend.


One of the best parts was where they had the artwork of Keith Haring on the video screens. Madonna actually jumped rope, for a while, on stage. While performing “Into the Groove.”


Ridiculous. Also ridiculous was that the only saw ONE person with the lace bow and the lace glove thing. Oy. We were also treated to two young gentlemen um, dancing?, in the aisleway just outside of our suite. That was interesting…

I’ll try to add to this if I remember more things. It was difficult to take notes because the show moved so fast and didn’t really have any breaks.

Time for TURKEY. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. See you on Saturday!!

This evening’s activities

26 11 2008

Tonight’s the night. Madonna. AKA icon who looks like an old hag.

I don’t know why I’m being a little negative about seeing her. I loved Madonna when I was much, much younger. Maybe it’s because I still remember her from back then as opposed to what she looks like now.

NE scored us some kick ass seats. I think there’s free food where we are. And I’m praying for free booze since my pregnant sister is driving. But even if not, the seats are awesome enough we’ll have a great view of the stage, without leaving my bubble and dealing with others. Tonight may be worth it after all.

One thing, however is for certain. I should have an interesting story to tell you all tomorrow. (Yes, I’m taking pen & paper to make notes.)

Thanks to DjLunchbox and Chachisays… they assisted in the selection of the songs for this post, without knowing why they were being asked. I appreciate your help.

Ft. Lauderdale via Atlanta

26 11 2008

I should have known I was cursing myself when I sent the message Monday night saying that I wake up early for flights all the time with no problem… I woke up Tuesday morning at 7:30am. The time my flight was supposed to be departing. On the other side of town.

Ugh. You’ve got to be kidding me. I didn’t even remember hitting snooze on my alarm clock… And that’s because I didn’t. The alarm never went off. I attempted to set it, but there’s a problem with the connection so that when I move the switch to “on” the little red light telling me the alarm is on doesn’t come on. I did not notice this last night. I realized this at 7:38am this morning.

This is the kind of thing that would normally make me a very, very angry person. Would make me stress and freak out on anyone and everything. But instead, I’m sitting here trying really hard not to laugh out loud at the whole situation. It’s completely hilarious. (side note: my current reaction is proof that I have been under entirely too much stress in the past. This is a whole new reaction for me…) I should never have thought that I’d have a free & clear trip. That’s impossible for me.

The 7:30am flight was the ONLY non-stop flight to Ft. Lauderdale… That figures. I was re-booked onto a 10:30am flight. Which left 45 minutes late. Let’s just say that the rest of my afternoon kind of followed the same trend. I finally arrived here sometime after 5pm… I fly back through Atlanta on Friday. Let’s hope my experience is better.

I wish I could explain the reaction I got from both the cat and the dog when I walked in the door. At the same time.  It made the entire disaster of a trip worth it. I spent some quality time snuggling the dog on the couch. Now, I’m laying in bed. With a snoring kitty next to me. I might be in heaven.

Tomorrow, the Dog and Cat and I are spending our very first day together unsupervised. My sister has to work and my parents don’t arrive until later in the day. This should be interesting.

A reason rugby rocks…

25 11 2008

Something for you to enjoy while I fly to Florida. It’s worth it when you get to the end. Lol. Enjoy, kids!

There are some amazing things about rugby. The sport, in itself, is the most amazing thing on the planet. It is so different than any other sport. Basically, rugby came from soccer. And rugby people? Everywhere? We are a family. You can go to any city, in any country, find a rugby club and have a home. It is honestly amazing. Be patient with me while I share a bit to lead you to one of the amazing things you’ll see in rugby… And then, I promise, you will laugh at the last thing I feature. I promise!!

One of the great things about rugby, similar to soccer, is that we have an international competition every four years, the Rugby World Cup. The last one was held in France in 2007. My Living Room showed most of the matches. Unfortunately, mostly it was myself and the same person who shared my Saturday afternoon with me, watching the matches. Alone. Again another reason he has a special place in my life. He put up with my random, insane questions. Put up with my love of the use of the overhead camera on scrums (OMG looks spectacular). He annointed me with a  “boyfriend” from most of the teams… And I chose a “non-boyfriend” from some… He’ll enjoy this, so I’ll share… But I can’t remember most of them… just some…

The Non-Boyfriends…

  • Sebastian Chabal, France – he’s scary looking… see below for video proof.
  • Jonny Wilkinson, England – meh.

And the boyfriends:

  • Chris Patterson, Scotland
  • Takudzwa Ngwenya, USA  – see below for his amazing freaking skillz…

And, as he (yet to be given a name here) knows… My favorite by far was “Afro Dude,” Finau Maka from Tonga. Dude was awesome. Rocking the afro and kicking ass all over the field.

finau_makaLove him.

But anyway, my “proof” mentioned above. Here is a video showing Takudzwa Ngwenya from the USA beating the crap out of South Africa’s Bryan Habana. Not only does Ngwenya catch a horrific “hospital” pass at 0:10, shown again at 0:38 (hospital pass = very dangerous, no direction, just tossed in the air), but he outruns everyone, including the ‘spectacular’ Bryan Habana’ on the SA side to score a try. And srsly, ignore the music… Beautious.

One of the most unique things about International Rugby is the New Zealand All Blacks. They are unreal. Truly. And before each match, just after warm ups, they do this thing. It’s called the Haka. As per Wikipedia: “A haka is a traditional dance form of the Māori of New Zealand. It is a posture dance with shouted accompaniment, performed by a group.” And this must be the best one yet, because they played France… and they get right up in their face… and look for the Neanderthal looking player from France… yeah, that’s Sebastian Chabal… he was a freaking menace on the field… Evil. This video rocks…

Amazing, right? No, my team does NOT do that… But around the time of the RWC last year, my friend KRL found this video, which is hilarious and makes all of us “regular” ruggers laugh our pants off… So laugh, and then come watch me this spring in what could be one of my last seasons playing rugby….

(watch for the button falling off… hilarious…)

See ya later.

25 11 2008

I’m leaving… on a jet plane…but I’ll be back, physically, in four days, yet again on a jet plane. good times.

If you read the post on JP… the last time I saw him there was an event that, afterward made me freak the heck out when I heard this song. FOR YEARS. Dunno why, but I’m totally cool with it now.

I’m out to finish getting ready for the trip…

Procrastination and packing…

24 11 2008

I deserve an award for the amount of procrastination I’ve done today. Seriously.

All day, I’ve been trying to figure out what to take to Florida & getting things together. I’m only going to be gone Tuesday through Friday. Just 4 days. And we’re not doing much.

But somehow I’ve wound up needing 4 pairs of shoes. How does that happen? Even if I don’t take the heels I was going to wear to the concert, I definitely need 2 of them:

My crocs – I can’t travel without at least one pair of my Crocs. I just can’t….


And my Converse slip ons – because they’ll be easy to take on & off at security. And because they’re just slightly “different” enough that they might make my mother wonder where she went wrong with me again…


So by now, you’ve probably figured out that I’ve only mentioned 3 pairs… That’s because I couldn’t decide if I should take the 4th pair. But then I realized I should probably check out the weather forecast…



I’m totally taking my flip flops!

14_1_fuchsiaorangeTime to procrastinate by painting my toenails!

Carry Me Home

24 11 2008

Also known as Music is My Muse 5.

I woke up this morning and checked in for my flight. And found that someone hates me – my flight is leaving 15 minutes earlier than it was supposed to. I swear this happens every single time I choose to fly to Floriday in the very early morning. Does it ever happen when I fly back to the ‘Burgh? Heck, no. I so hate the very early morning.

I’m not packed. At all. I still have laundry to do. The best I’ve done is make a short list of things I need to take with me.

And it’s just hit me that in just over 24 hours, I get to see my sister & NE, the dog and the cat… And 24 hours after that, my parents. I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself!

Today will be frantic. Not because of stress, but because of excitement. And I’m totally rocking out…