I’m a WINNER!!

1 11 2008

I’d love to give you pics for this, but I’m living with a 35mm camera at the present time. Not that I don’t LOVE that camera, I do. But I’m ADD and need more immediate results. Anyway, I went to a pumpkin carving party tonite. The 3rd annual party, which I have never attended b/c I usually work when the party happens.

But I went tonite. After my original and secondary plans went into the toilet.. And my friends were nice enough to give me a pumpkin to carve. Me, being of the non-creative, stencil-loving type, carved this – in about 15 minutes.

Bad pic, but anyway, eventually, we all put up our pumpkins for the judging. First time I’ve ever done a “judging”… Yikes… BUT I ran away with “most bootiful.” What did I win? 5 tiny bottles of liquor and 5 scratch off lottery tickets. The tickets got me nothing. I negotiated for better bottles of liquor and ended up with: Crown Royal, Absolut Mandarin, Goldschlager and Jack Daniels. I’m cool with that. Got nothing from the tix though… bummer..

Still depressed about the original plans for the night though. Whatever.




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