3 11 2008

In light of NaBloPoMo, and in consideration of the fact that my friend at SteelCityExperiment has recently signed me up for a new book club, which I had already considered but not known about the announcement.. I’ve challenged her to NaBloPoMo. I’ve asked that the posts be meaningful to each of us. She knows what I mean. And she’s knows how I am currently running this new blog. So this should be interesting…

So now I’ve got to go buy that book for the book club… nutso.. let’s go KRL. Let’s GO!!!!  You know I’m going to re-read your manuscript now just for more motivation!!

Yours truly,





2 responses

3 11 2008
Fonda Bruises

Can you please explain what this NaBloPoMo is all about? I keep reading about it but haven’t a clue what it is.

3 11 2008

I’m unsure myself. A post a day. No topics. Just a post a day. Personally, I usually post when an idea hits me. Especially if I’m at my laptop. I’ve seen a lot of people challenge one another to do the daily posts.

I challenged Katy @ SteelCityExperiment & SteelCityStreets because she dropped a book club on me and more so since I like reading her writing. 🙂

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