I have 2 jobs for a reason, unfortunately.

7 11 2008

So tonite was the rugby girls and guys separate meetings. We need to do this to vote on certain internal positions and figure out who to throw to the dogs when we nominate people for the board. Yet another year passes where I can’t get out of Secretary. Apparently I “do so much” that no one is willing to take over… however, it seems I am not going to be nominiated for club president. We should all celebrate and dance right now… Seriously. I’m cool with what I do, which is a FREAKING TON of stuff, and not for much longer, but for now…

Anyway, I was online and accomplishing stuff while we had our meeting. Very happy about that, since the event next week is requiring about 150% of my off-time. Gee, I wonder why no one wants my job…

An then I made an announcement for something I had just discovered earlier this night… our bar, My Living Room, is no longer smoke-free!!!! We have officially applied for an exemption and until they tell us no, you can smoke inside….

I have the job at My Living Room because I NEED it. Really. I don’t make $300 per shift like they do at “clubs.” It’s not that kind of place… But on a decent night you take home enough to hold you over…. If I didn’t need it, believe me, I’d be done. Would I still go there and offer to help & repair stuff, absolutely. But would I rather not be behind the bar hearing my name 40,000 times a night? YES!!! I take pride in the Living Room. Make it look nice. Hang awesome pictures. (Yes, I’m in some of them!)

But when the smoking ban went into effect I was happy. As a smoker who wants to quit, and who has no willpower, great idea! I am a total loser, like I said, I try to be a QUITTER and I FAIL. Majorly. I forced myself to go there and not be able to smoke on the “patron” side of the bar. It was ok.

Since the ban went into effect, I noticed that my regulars… the people who ALWAYS stop in… they weren’t there. EVER. Some of them don’t even smoke. Apparently they have opted for bars that you CAN smoke in. The rugby people, love it. And I’ve said, I do too!! I swear!  But my last two shifts have proved to me what my co-workers have told me. Sales are DOWN. Way, way down. And tips? Non-existent. We took a major hit when the drink tax went into effect. And the smoking ban? Well, i can’t live on my every-other-weekend tips anymore. Especially last weekend.

I used to work Sundays. Back in the day. Worst night? 5 customers, $10 in tips. Fast forward to last Saturday. $25 in tips. $25 freaking dollars. That doesn’t help me. At all. Now granted, I used the down time to gain nearly every hi score on the MegaCrack machine…. but that costs money too!!!

So am I happy about the lack of the ban? NO! Will I hope for better money when I work… heck, yeah! I just hope the faces I saw tonite giving me that evil stare won’t ignore My Living Room in the future.

Because My Living Room? It rocks.




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