Sunday afternoon = WIN!

10 11 2008

There are a zillion things I need to spend more time doing… But, this is what was important to me tonight.

My friend Pseudo-Twin (PT) loves to have people over. So we have dinners for Steelers games (BYOM: Bring-Your-Own-Meat; sides provided all around), and parties for holidays and random Sundays… I have been very busy, so I’ve only attended two other Steelers games before tonite. The first one, there was maybe 5 of us. The second, there were three… Tonite, there were 10+: Dilbert, KRL, Pseudo-Twin (PT), Short Bus (SB), Responsible, Jr. (RJ), Go Getter (GG) and Brawler, Dennis, Giggles, Mechanical Engineer, and me.

I showed up with some of my nerd work I’ve been slaving away on the past two days… Scissors and tiny little papers… and a craft 6 pack from My Living Room. Only 3 of us or so were drinking, (Dilbert, PT and myself) but we were doing a good job of it by the time most of the others arrived. By the time the rest of them got there, we were knee deep in an argument over the Annual Meeting, but with laughing all around.

I have to admit, I don’t laugh much around the rugby folk. Even when I’m drinking my face off. But lately, my mood and attitude have let me do so. And I swear they are scared sometimes. Because sometimes, things come up or are said that are just too much for me to process. And I’ve decided to take a different attack at it: I’m now laughing my ass off at it all.

Dilbert and I wnt on grill duty. I had a my steak, two chicken kebobs and a ton of asparagus to tend to. He was on the rest of the steaks and some pork loin. It’s amazing how adding 5 people multiples the need for space on the grill by, oh, at least 10…

But, eventually, all the steak, asparagus, pork loin and chicken was done. And we retired to the game. To more laughs and discussions. It was a great time had by all. Granted the Steelers didn’t win, but honestly, it was the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I will wake up tomorrow with a good outlook on the coming week and with a smile on my face. All due to the rugby people! Amazing!

And I got stuff done. A LOT of stuff. And had people volunteering to help! But I didn’t bring enough to spread it around! Dang!!!!

The next time I consider not attending a BYOM Sunday, someone needs to smack me upside the head… Please.

Good day. Hoping for a great week, potentially topped off by my agreeing to dress up and wear heels on Friday night. All depends on my counterpart in the agreement! We’ll see how this goes…




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