A special presentation on the letter “K”

11 11 2008

The details: Write ten things you love that begin with your letter. Then give a letter to anyone who leaves a comment for you…. and the ball keeps rolling.

I commented on Uncle Crappy’s post last night. And he gave me the letter “K.”


At first my mind went blank. Totally. But then…

1. KARMA – duh… I requested a letter in an attempt to procrastinate doing things for Brufest on Friday. And what letter do I get? K. A letter that doesn’t exactly break open a rushing tide of inspiration.

2. KICK-OFF – rugby style. There’s something really exciting and almost dramatic about setting up to receive a kick off in a rugby game. It’s game time. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the field ready to play, if you’re running touch, or if you’re a reserve or spectator. There’s just an electricity in the air at that moment.

3. KENNYWOOD – I can’t say I’ve been there in the past 3-5 years, but I mean, it’s Kennywood. Awesome rides, Potato Patch fries, funnel cakes… As a band dork, Kennywood was the first “parade” performance of the season. And it was always exciting.

4. KITCHENWARE – I have a strange love affair with kitchen gadgets & tools. If I’m not careful, I can stare at the wall of kitchen stuff in Target for a very long time. And don’t even let me get within 5 feet of the kitchen are in Ikea. I own no less than 8 plastic spoons. Basically all the same size and type. A bunch of spatulas, various wooden spoons… in a kitchen that is maybe as big as an average car’s interior. And what’s worst is that I own all those spoons, spatulas etc. but I rarely touch anything but the flat-ended wooden spoon my mom gave me when I was in college. I love that thing.


5. KLEENEX – It’s taken me a long time to accept my love of Kleenex. As a kid I hated it. Don’t know why. Now, I can’t have enough of it. Strange. But, think about it. You can use Kleenex for more than the standard every day use. It can double as a paper towel, napkin, Qtip… Need something to protect a small fragile item? Kleenex. It rocks.

6. KNOWLEDGE – I love learning new things. That’s all.

7. KILTS – My mom is Scottish. I actually have owned kilts. My cousin and his groomsmen wore kilts. What actually amazes me is the number of different kilts you can find out there… http://www.sportkilt.com/index.cfm


8. KOOL-AID – I still drink Kool Aid. Frequently. There’s usually a pitcher of it in my fridge. I’m not very big on drinking plain old bottled water, though I do it from time to time… A long time ago, Kool Aid had a flavor called Purplesaurus Rex. It was my favorite Kool Aid ever. It was kind of a Grape-Lemonade sort of flavor. I’ve tried to re-create it by combining Grape Kool Aid with Lemonade but it’s never right… The closest I’ve come is finding a shot called the same thing – grape vodka, sugar, lemons… Yummy.

9. KINGS OF LEON – I guess I don’t LOVE the Kings of Leon, but I really like the one CD I have on my iTunes. The songs put me in a good mood. Try it your self: Milk; Taper Jean Girl

10. KANDINSKY – My favorite artist. There’s something about his work that I’m just drawn to. It’s kind of strange. I have added some of his work to this post for your viewing pleasure. They’re some of my favorites. The one below WILL be on a wall in my apartment/house someday. I have the first one in the post up above my bed already, but I loooooooooooooooooooove this one below.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I’m done… Didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. I managed to get everything accomplished tonight that I needed to, had dinner with an awesome friend at Penn Brewery AND finished this thing.

Want a letter? Leave a comment and we’ll see what you can do!




4 responses

11 11 2008

Alright Claire… bring on the letter!

Thanks for the shout out!

11 11 2008

Ok. So you are such a special case… My letter was slightly difficult and I can’t let you slide by… No “Y” for Yankees… No “C” for Chicago… No “J” for Jeter… no “E” for Elvis… no “B” for Barack or beer, or “O” for Obama… no “M” for Mumper… no “R’ for My Living Room (see new header post = Pseudonyms)…

I present you with the letter “C”

Bring it on, woman!!

19 12 2008

PurpleSaurus Rex was my favorite flavor too! I’m sad it can’t be found anymore.

21 12 2008

We did figure out how to make a shot that tastes similar at the bar though… it’s kinda tasty. remind me to make it the next time you come in. it’s a “girly” shot.

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