Trying hard not to kill someone

13 11 2008

It amazes me how the rest of the club can’t even SEE, or even IMAGINE what the rest of us DO to make and event, let alone a game happen. They think everything just comes into place on its own… Are you kidding me??? I’m AMAZED. You can also call that pissed off, angry, stupefied, and shocked. Who do they think arranges everything? A magic fairy?? Geezus, I wish it was a magic fairy. Because if it was, my life would be a ridiculous slide to the easy life… And dang, I’d be HAWT…. (see below…)


Unfortunately, there is no magic fairy, unless the combination of any 2-5 members of the board stressing out is considered a “magic fairy.” Hmmm… guess that might make me a ‘part’ of the Magic Fairy. Woo hoo for me!

Tonite, we held a small show up or die event… We (we = me & BirthdayGirl) sat at My Living Room from 6-10pm to collect money, dole out tickets and collect unsold tickets… I did NOT have time to do this… and we don’t have time to deal with this shit on Friday… I’m done on Friday as soon as certain people show up, and I’m hanging out solely with the new friends I’ve met through this blog and my social media adventures… I’ve given enough of my time, life and myself to this adventure. Done.

We did not get everyone to show up. But we did accomplish a lot. Oh, and I yelled, snapped and freaked out on no less than 5 people. Yay, me!! Welcome to AngryAngel facing an event 2 days away. I’m no fairy… Big effing surprise…

I somehow have this ability to organize an event down to every detail. Apparently, I’m in the wrong profession. Others have told me so, but still, I used to think this was a “hobby” until people just started thinking things would just ‘happen.’ On their own. No, it doesn’t work that way. I happen to have major ADD, but I paid attention when someone told me that our spring event was SUPER IMPORTANT… and since then, I’ve just been absorbing info.

I want out of my job with The Organization. Really. I do. I need, and I deserve, a break. I acknowledge that I will always, for a time (only for a short time, I hope) be the person who “knows everything that is going on” and “everything that needs to happen.”  I’m totally cool with that. I just don’t want any more responsibility. I want to give away 90% of what I have…

I’d really like to have the back seat of my midgie (my car) free & clear of “Organization” crap…

Is there a chance that someone will remove me from the situation? Not that I can see… I am considering rescinding my nomination just so I can maybe spend more time doing things that don’t make people rely on me. Things I do enjoy that don’t rely on others….

I just don’t see someone stepping up to my job… It’s sad, really…

But I’m going ahead with my Friday plans. I’ve done the pre-planning. When I decide to leave, they will be well instructed. Well prepared to do things, maybe not…  But I’ll leave to do my own thing. And I love when that happens.




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