A Small Thank You

14 11 2008

Tomorrow night is the “Big Event” for “The Organization… The Pittsburgh Rugby Club’s annual Brewfest… a beer tasting event that we’ve hosted at a number of local establishments in the area. I’ll recap the event and the past ones over the weekend…

But for now…

Before I get to the reason for this post, please understand… I help organize events for The Organization all the time… (just wait till February and “Coopers Lake“) and the apathy and indifference that we receive from the members of The Organization is disappointing. They don’t realize how much some of us work to make these things happen. They don’t want to help – before, during or afterward. So now…

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.  – Oscar Wilde

I have to say THANK YOU. To a number of people who helped me, out of kindness and their own good nautre… and besides one of them, have NEVER EVEN MET ME. They have befriended me online, congratulated me when brewers finally replied to my emails, suggested alternative contacts for brewers, have given Brufest more advertising than I could ever pay forand have honestly inspired me on more things than just just this event.

They have mentioned this event on a number of blogs & sites (see below), on a beer-related podcast, a wrestling-related podcast, and in the Beaver County Times… and the best part is that I get to meet & hang out with them Friday night. I’ve already informed The Organization that after a certain time, I’m unavailable. I’m doing my own thing. I’ve done enough for this event that they can manage without me. And I can’t wait until 6pm Friday night.

So, excellent people of the Pittsburgh Social Media scene, I thank you. I can never thank you enough. You have welcomed me, and I appreciate it. (If you don’t see me Friday, you’ll probably meet me soon, because I’m afraid certain people might yell at me if I don’t attend…)

BurghBaby – first Plurk friend!; can’t attend Brufest unfortunately… but I’m going to attend another event we have talked about so we can meet.

DjLunchbox – you, fine sir, are only hours away from a gift of a carbomb. Or 5.

Should I Drink That – thank you for the shoutout, raffle and, in advance, for your beer judging skills! I look forward to Sickpuppy on the Mechanical Bull. Must. Happen.

Father Spoon – thank you for your help with the judge garbage. I appreciate it & thanks for sending me in the right direction.

Uncle Crappy – thank you for your support, the letter K as a distraction, the Athens & Ohio U connection, for being a judge-in-waiting, and for the blog & newspaper support. Fantastic!

ClumberKim – a former rugger… yay! should totally attend the event, but I believe that she cannot…

Sportsocracy – don’t believe tehjim or tehamy are attending…

Thank you, new friends… you have made this experience much less stressful and much more fun. I appreciate it and am willing to help any and all of you in any way whenever I can.

If I forgot anyone, I apologize. My mind is filled with “will call tickets,” “ballot boxes,” and all things Brufest… oy. It’s almost over!

Thanks again!




2 responses

14 11 2008
Burgh Baby

Congratulations on a job well done, and give yourself a little pat on the back for tapping into resources that others don’t even think about. 🙂

14 11 2008
Uncle Crappy

I’m always happy to help, but you’re the one who’s done the heavy lifting. BruFest is going to be a great night — see you there!

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