15 11 2008

It’s over. Brewfest, that is… And it was fantastic. Amazing. HUGE. Wow….

The numbers are not in yet (I’m sorry, I’m tired and I’m not counting anything right now.) but seriously… this was definitely the best one yet. Nearly 800 pre-sold tickets.  And yet-to-be-determined door sales… That’s a first… And there were so many others… But for now, I just want to thank everyone. All of you. Even if you read this blog and could not attend, I’m thanking you.

I FINALLY met some of the spectacular people I mentioned in yesterday’s post… And as expected, they rock the world. Duh. I have many stories, some I will share, some I will not… but it seriously was the least stressful night I’ve ever had at one of “The Organization’s” events. If you read this and you were there, you definitely know what I mean. I was TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL!!! I had the greatest time tonight. I did what I said: played the “I’ve done ENOUGH” card and just kind of wandered and watched until just before the end. That’s when I had to make sure some of my other duties were taken care of… But I’m so glad these new friends were there! They totally reminded me that the event was fine. I don’t need to freak out or worry.

And then… At the end, I totally played the “I’ve done more than enough, I’m leaving” card, and met everyone at Ruggers… Where there where many flaming Dr. Pepper shots… and discussions on the 649 shot (for which the possibilities are ENDLESS.) And I ended up at home before 1AM. WIN!

Thank you everyone! I had a blast!


Oh, and I PROMISE this to those of you there: I plan to attend social media events in the future, whenever I can. I promise & pinkie swear on it. That is my word. My word is my bond. Bam!




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