Share the Love

16 11 2008

I’m still recovering from Brufest. I had an amazing day yesterday. Attended the Prop 8 rally in Schenley Plaza and then went for dinner. The whole day left me in a great mood with a smile on my face as I headed into work.

We managed to have a better experience than my last shift in My Living Room. Very empty bar until about 10:30pm. Then slammed for about 2 hours… Stupid, drunk dancing girls. People knocking over barstools. Angry me showed up, but didn’t do anything about the chaos. And that is a good thing. My evening ended up with this: It was 2:45am and I was still smiling… huh? what is wrong with me?


Now, I’m finally going to leave my apartment to head to Giant Eagle for food & dessert for BYOM Sunday at PT’s house. I’m going to share the love this day and bring all the ballot box stuff from Friday that still needs counting. By the end of the game, I expect to have all the info for the results from Friday night.

And then I’ll start planning the Annual Meeting, which is next Saturday. Ugh.




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