Things That I Do

20 11 2008

Saturday afternoon is The Organization’s annual meeting where we elect new officers for the coming year. We’re going to have a new President this year. And a new Treasurer. And hopefully a new Secretary.

I finally decided over last weekend that I’ve had enough. I do too much. When I thought back on the fact that I had to play the “I’ve done enough” card just so I could relax after Brewfest, it really hit me… While my teammates had probably been spending the previous 2 weeks doing anything they cared, I had been glued to my laptop. Planning, designing, counting, arranging & re-arranging. The night of Brewfest, while my teammates ran around and drank beer and talked to their friends & families and helped out here or there, I stood on the sidelines or ran around making sure things were happening. I had maybe 4 beers. All from the same brewery because I could get to it quickly.

We’re trying to find someone to take over the job of secretary. It’s not going so well. Everyone sees all the stuff I do and then gets terrified with the prospect of doing any of it. Today I had to tell someone what they would have to do. And that got me to thinking… what jobs are “secretary” jobs and what isn’t? I don’t even know where to categorize it all.

And that has led to this list. The list of everything I can remember that I do for The Organization. I’m probably missing some things… And I have no idea how I’ve done all of this. Ever. And this activity has left me incredibly depressed and miserable…

Actual “Secretary” duties:

  • Manage three Yahoo groups & their members
  • Manage master contact list of current/former players
  • Prepare men’s & women’s current contact list each season
  • Manage website; update weekly/daily; create new pages etc. as needed
  • Keep track of equipment – field stuff, jerseys, balls, sleds
  • send a zillion emails a day
  • Edit monthly newsletter feb-oct; solicit articles & edit; add content if needed
  • place orders for shorts & socks; arrange for sale to club; arrange for embroidery of shorts (drop off & pick up in beaver falls);
  • liaison between club & online tshirt sales site
  • keeper of club written history

Miscellaneous “Event” & bar duties:

  • Plan the annual collegiate tournament; recruit teams; arrange for refs; set up 7 fields – take 2 days off from work to do so; equipment to site; concessions list; clean up; run the score board
  • Brewfest: coordinate brewers; coordinate popular vote; assist with purchasing glasses; update ticket design with dates & new logos & send to printer; visit site & measure for floor plan; prepare floor plan; assign brewers to tables; design & prepare judge & staff lanyards; design & print popular vote tickets; create ballot box signs; count ballot box results; tally judging results; retrieve email & contact info from ticket stubs
  • liasion between bar & club; organize & maintain mug club; help with socials – what food we need; when we’ll be there; keep track of supplies on hand for socials (cups, plates, forks, knives, napkins) & replenish as needed; prepare invoice for club to pay the bar

Things I do because I apparently have the word “sucker” tattooed to my forehead:

  • Organize multiple hoagie sales through out the year; collect sales & money; arrange p/u of food at delivery location; coordinate prep day & hoagie making day; distribute hoagies
  • attend monthly exec meetings & prepare meeting minutes
  • keeper of the club logo, bar logo, jpg files
  • somehow always know what is going on at all times;
  • keeper of the gate code & combo for the storage area
  • keeper of all files, documents, spreadsheets, and emails for the last 5 years.



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