Thursday, November 20, 2008 – FAIL.

21 11 2008


THURSDAY: Apparently the idea of “Fail” decided to take over my life yesterday and see how much fun it can be. Someone must have had fun, because I certainly didn’t. Seriously. Everything that happened was a disaster, everything I did, I managed to make a mess of.

I woke up much earlier than I needed to – which I think can be blamed on a smoke detector in my building in need of a new battery. It beeps and OMG do I hear it. All the time. I figured it was in a common area and tried to replace it tonight, but can’t seem to find the offending unit. Figures.

I hate mornings and I usually wake up about 40 minutes before work, giving me enough time to shower, get ready and get to work somewhat on time. Thursday morning, I woke up more than an hour and 40 minutes before usual and I couldn’t fall back asleep. Nice.

On my way to work, I realized I had zero dollars. And almost none in the bank. All I had was about $3 in change at the bottom of my wallet & purse. And my lunch? Was in the fridge at home. Great.

I got to work and the fun continued. After two weeks or so of things being relatively quiet, Thursday was all-out insanity. It was one of those days that makes you wonder how some people function on a daily basis. To top it off, I realized I’d forgotten to work on something that had a deadline of oh, THURSDAY. Something that could have caused a decent-sized network/security issue at my company. Good job.

In the midst of all of this, and on top of the work and money & lack of sleep stress, I began to seriously stress about this meeting I have on Saturday. I spoke to a girl who could potentially replace me in my position on the board. I tried very hard to convince her that she could do the job. I don’t think I managed to do it. Way to go.

Part of the problem with the above conversation was that I didn’t know where the Secretary stuff ends and the random things I know and do starts. So I made a list. I managed to come up with about 20 major tasks. Most of which involve multiple steps/jobs/tasks/tracking. I managed to figure out what the “Secretary” things are, what the major events tasks (that I want to keep) are, and the things that I’ll never get rid of unless I die or move very, very far away. And the entire thing left me incredibly depressed and miserable. Super!

And then I managed to just take my day and strangle every ounce of life out of it. I got into an argument via email with another person in The Organization. I’m good at this stupid secretary crap and he was basically checking up to see if I was doing my job for Saturday… Um, agenda? Done three days ago. We cleared the whole thing up when he realized I had things under control… Thankyouverymuch.

And then I started another issue with another friend which, well, was because after all of the above, I evidently hit “crazy” on the spectrum of normal to psycho. I just had to vent… And I guess I knew what would happen. Welcome to an even worse day. Cue the tears.

PrintAnd the incident is still unresolved.

I’m totally buying the tshirt above… (I already own 2 other shirts from the same store… and one I can’t find… but it still works for me.)

Oh, and the manager of the bar and I got into a fight. Over the dinner after Saturday’s meeting. Apparently it’s MY fault that more than 25 people might show up. No, no it’s not my fault you didn’t plan correctly.

And did I mention that my mom apparently is not talking to me? I’ve sent her PDFs of selected blog posts, ones I thought she’d appreciate. And I sent her the OMG Pittsburgh one yesterday. And she didn’t reply. Which means she’s pissed. She seems to think that I’m selling family secrets out here or something.

Thank god today is Friday.




2 responses

21 11 2008

Thursday was shitty all around. Let’s go tie one on and tell everyone to piss off

21 11 2008

Hah! I’m in!!!

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