The weight of the world…

22 11 2008

…is off my shoulders. Well, at least the weight of The Organization. And you know what? It feels totally freaking awesome. Some of them didn’t believe me when I declined. They thought I was joking. But I wasn’t. I needed to do this. I needed to LET GO.

For so long, I’ve had Organization stuff running through my head. At all times. Thinking about this. Worrying about that. And you know what? It’s made me nearly impossible to live with. I’ve been so ridiculously engrossed in this stuff that I have never calmed down. Rarely did I take time for myself.

But I let it go. And this afternoon something really cool happened. There was a new guy at My Living Room for the social. Never seen him before. He looked nice enough… But I didn’t go introduce myself. I didn’t get his name, phone number, email address. Why? Because I don’t have to anymore. I don’t have to worry about who the new people are. It was the greatest feeling in the world.

I was able to sit there and actually talk to a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Someone whose presence in my life is quite honestly a blessing. It was the greatest time in the world. I was able to joke around. Trade hats… LAUGH. Smile. Be goofy. RELAX. And look, there’s photos to prove it!

Microsoft Word - Document2


When I received these pics and looked at myself, I realized I haven’t smiled like I am above in a picture in a long time. A really long time. And damn, does it feel good. (thanks to the person who took these pics)

It’s been a really shitty week. Honestly. I’m exhausted, fighting a headache that is trying to kill me and all kinds of other stuff… but “I’ve been waiting all week to feel this way. And it feels so good, so good, I’m on top of the world…” This used to be “my” song. My I’m ready for anything song. And the stress killed it. But tonight? Tonight, it’s the best song to express how I feel. I’m on top of the world folks. On top of the world!!!



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24 11 2008

That is bliss. It’s a feeling that I strive to remember and cherish everytime I get the chance. Sheer joy that a lot of people never get to experience. Congratulations. Keep the good feelings flowing.

25 11 2008
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