Unloading the Midgie

23 11 2008

This is my car. The “midgie.”


She is a Chevy Aveo 5-door. She is very small. But she can hold an unimaginable amount of stuff. The back seat folds down and then up to make her sort of like a tiny station wagon. It’s kind of cool, actually. I’ve fit a huge gas grill in the back once, still in the box. And then fit various pre-assembled parts of that grill the next day in her. She’s awesome.

“Midgie” has functioned as a rugby carry-all. Since the day I got her. But on Saturday, I cleared her out. Partially becuase I no longer have a “job” for The Organization.

Here is what came out of the back seat & trunk of this tiny car:

  • My big-ass toolbox
  • My cordless drill
  • My Dremel & the accessory pack I keep with it
  • One camping tent
  • One chair-in-a-bag
  • Two pairs of rugby boots
  • Two blankets
  • One pillow
  • Two towels, one rugby shirt, two and a half pairs of random socks (Christmas and winter ones?), one “puffy” vest (no idea where it came from, apparently I own it) – all of which need to be washed
  • One picture frame, to be hung on the wall at My Living Room
  • One bag of stuff I used recently for “The Job” at My Living Room. Including sandpaper, paint brushes etc.
  • One wire shelf – approx 18″ long and 8″ high. Was originally to be used for the Mug Club, but things changed and I didn’t remove it from my car
  • 12 rugby balls in various states of inflation
  • One Black N Decker Air Station – portable inflation device for rugby balls
  • One misc bag of cups, plates and such
  • A stack of old rugby pictures, to be used at some point, for something
  • At least 12 pairs of rugby socks, three pairs of rugby shorts… all waiting to be sold to someone
  • One box of rugby business cards
  • One box of small Ziploc sandwich bags (for hoagie sales)
  • One large Force-Flex bag of garbage

Yeah, all of that was taken out of my Midgie… There is still miscellaneous things in my trunk. Who knows what. I’m not really worried about it.

And I had to post this, just for myself – proof that I cleaned out my car and of what came out of it….

Good lord, was it a ton of stuff… I can finally see the back of my car. It’s totally exciting. Yet another awesome thing that came out of yesterday. That rocks.



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