Procrastination and packing…

24 11 2008

I deserve an award for the amount of procrastination I’ve done today. Seriously.

All day, I’ve been trying to figure out what to take to Florida & getting things together. I’m only going to be gone Tuesday through Friday. Just 4 days. And we’re not doing much.

But somehow I’ve wound up needing 4 pairs of shoes. How does that happen? Even if I don’t take the heels I was going to wear to the concert, I definitely need 2 of them:

My crocs – I can’t travel without at least one pair of my Crocs. I just can’t….


And my Converse slip ons – because they’ll be easy to take on & off at security. And because they’re just slightly “different” enough that they might make my mother wonder where she went wrong with me again…


So by now, you’ve probably figured out that I’ve only mentioned 3 pairs… That’s because I couldn’t decide if I should take the 4th pair. But then I realized I should probably check out the weather forecast…



I’m totally taking my flip flops!

14_1_fuchsiaorangeTime to procrastinate by painting my toenails!




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