Ft. Lauderdale via Atlanta

26 11 2008

I should have known I was cursing myself when I sent the message Monday night saying that I wake up early for flights all the time with no problem… I woke up Tuesday morning at 7:30am. The time my flight was supposed to be departing. On the other side of town.

Ugh. You’ve got to be kidding me. I didn’t even remember hitting snooze on my alarm clock… And that’s because I didn’t. The alarm never went off. I attempted to set it, but there’s a problem with the connection so that when I move the switch to “on” the little red light telling me the alarm is on doesn’t come on. I did not notice this last night. I realized this at 7:38am this morning.

This is the kind of thing that would normally make me a very, very angry person. Would make me stress and freak out on anyone and everything. But instead, I’m sitting here trying really hard not to laugh out loud at the whole situation. It’s completely hilarious. (side note: my current reaction is proof that I have been under entirely too much stress in the past. This is a whole new reaction for me…) I should never have thought that I’d have a free & clear trip. That’s impossible for me.

The 7:30am flight was the ONLY non-stop flight to Ft. Lauderdale… That figures. I was re-booked onto a 10:30am flight. Which left 45 minutes late. Let’s just say that the rest of my afternoon kind of followed the same trend. I finally arrived here sometime after 5pm… I fly back through Atlanta on Friday. Let’s hope my experience is better.

I wish I could explain the reaction I got from both the cat and the dog when I walked in the door. At the same time.  It made the entire disaster of a trip worth it. I spent some quality time snuggling the dog on the couch. Now, I’m laying in bed. With a snoring kitty next to me. I might be in heaven.

Tomorrow, the Dog and Cat and I are spending our very first day together unsupervised. My sister has to work and my parents don’t arrive until later in the day. This should be interesting.



One response

26 11 2008
Fonda Bruises

I am so glad you made it! Don’t you “animals” get into too much trouble once the adults go to work! Happy Thanksgiving and bring some sun home with you!

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