This evening’s activities

26 11 2008

Tonight’s the night. Madonna. AKA icon who looks like an old hag.

I don’t know why I’m being a little negative about seeing her. I loved Madonna when I was much, much younger. Maybe it’s because I still remember her from back then as opposed to what she looks like now.

NE scored us some kick ass seats. I think there’s free food where we are. And I’m praying for free booze since my pregnant sister is driving. But even if not, the seats are awesome enough we’ll have a great view of the stage, without leaving my bubble and dealing with others. Tonight may be worth it after all.

One thing, however is for certain. I should have an interesting story to tell you all tomorrow. (Yes, I’m taking pen & paper to make notes.)

Thanks to DjLunchbox and Chachisays… they assisted in the selection of the songs for this post, without knowing why they were being asked. I appreciate your help.



One response

26 11 2008

Hey i dont mind. i love being asked completely random questions!

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