Music is My Muse… – 6

29 11 2008

I’m a scaredy cat. We all know that by now… but tomorrow is the day. Err, rather, later today is the day… We’re finally at the early morning of the Yinz Team Turkey Bowl Football Classic.

(I’m totally digging the new Metallica CD. Feel free to give me your comments on good/bad/worse/better… I’m interested to hear. But holy shit. You MUST watch this video. As I watched, I reconsidered my use of this song. But the video. Watch it till the end. WOW. WOW. I’m impressed.)

I have nearly successfully scared myself out of every other Yinz Team or Pittsburgh Blogger event. But not completely. I did go to the last Blogfest, but was still so stressed and nerve-wracked that I couldn’t bring myself to talk to but one person! Ridic. I know.

Last night, when I sent out my “Hey I’ll be home early, who’s going out?!” Plurk message, I got a response from tehjim telling me that he, Woy, douglasderda and some others were going bowling. I had yet to hear from any of my other friends, and spending yet another night stopping into My Living Room was NOT what I wanted to deal with after this wacko week. So I immediately decided to go.

And, I actually went. And I’m really glad that I did. It was the most relaxed, chill environment. Exactly what I needed. I’d list off the others who were there, and details on the fun bowling games, but it’s late and I need to go to bed. There were 8 of us total. It really was a fun time. And if they ever extend the invite to me again, and I don’t have to work at My Living Room, I will make sure to be there. It was that relaxing and that much fun.

I’ve got all my athletic warm gear ready to go… But I’m sure I’ll freeze my butt off.

I’m off to bed in preparation for my attempt at football. See yinz tomorrow.



3 responses

30 11 2008
Anthony Closkey

It was nice meeting you at the Turkey Bowl. You were equal to the challenge of my zone coverage, and definitely flattened me on one play. Rung my bell, well played.

30 11 2008

It was nice to meet you as well. I did flatten you the one time. Sorry about that. But to be honest, the next hit you gave literally cracked everything in my back and neck.

30 11 2008
Anthony Closkey

I had to give up reaching for flags after Nicole and Woy, The Shifty Garden Gnome, proved my dexterity was lacking, relative to my footwork.

I hope we see you at more Podcamp and Pgh Blogger meet-ups in the future.

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