Yinz Team Turkey Bowl

30 11 2008

Wow. What a weekend. Flackle (sorta flag, sorta tackle) football yesterday? A total blast. And I can still walk today! It felt really good to get out there and run around. I’ve been down on rugby and any sort of physical activity lately. But this has got me back ready to go… I might even take up Cross Fit in December. I think I have a death wish.

It’s really hard to re-cap the game. Just imagine about 18 or so people running around in circles, some falling down, some losing their pants… Apparently at quarterback, it seemed like mass chaos. At one point “yellow hat” hit me and unfortunately for him, he fell down and I didn’t. Whoops. Sorry about that. But he got me back later with a hit that literally cracked every bone in my spine. Thanks for the free chiropractic adjustment!

I did manage to maintain my ability to literally dive and fall down at nearly every attempt to grab someone’s flag. I do the same in touch rugby. I’m always falling down. And people wonder why I always have bruises. Duh.

I think I’ve met 90% of Yinz Team in person now. And they are spectacular folks. Truly. Thank you for welcoming me into the fold. I’m looking forward to getting together with all of them again soon, and meeting anyone I haven’t yet.

“Team” pic is here.

More pics are here and here.




2 responses

1 12 2008

It was a blast!! I can’t wait until next year!

But don’t worry, there’s bound to be some other random sporting competition involving YinzTeam antics before then… the possibilities are endless!

It was great to finally meet you too! 🙂

Dawn (aka @LyriqueTragedy)

1 12 2008
Uncle Crappy

You’re a natural YinzTeamer. And that’s a good thing.

Hope to see you again soon.

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