Holiday Plans (and some music)

1 12 2008

Last night I had a conversation with my mom… She was offering to let me change my Christmas plans so that I stay home for the holiday and come visit her and my father after the New Year.

If you didn’t pick up on it, I had a bad time of Thanksgiving. Did I love seeing D & C and my sister and parents? Heck yeah. Do I think NE, the brother in law, rocks the world? Absolutely.

Did it all fall apart and end with me changing my plans to come home early? Heck yeah. I don’t talk much in family and close friend relationships. If I do, it means I’m sharing something that is more than likely important and me baring my soul. (take notice y’all) And when a family member, close or distant, discounts that, or stops me short, I’m hurt.

Combine that with the Evil In-Laws who could give two shits that I’m there and have a life of my own, and I more than likely end up miserable. As my mom said, as much as we hate it, they are now part of our lives. I could probably devote more than one post to those in-laws, but I won’t. They are self-centered, not nice people and they don’t deserve it.

It kills me every time I leave my parents. I hate that they aren’t living in the Burgh anymore. I hate it. But I cherish every chance I have to visit them. But this offer? I don’t know what to do…

(musical selection at random by Douglas Derda)

I know that I’m an okay person and I like what I do in my daily life. I’m not perfect. i don’t care to EVER be perfect. And I will not allow anyone, anymore to make me feel insignificant or unimportant.

But my mom calling and offering what she did, I don’t know what to do for Christmas. I really don’t. The funny part about my mom’s offer? My dad was the one who suggested it to her. I’ve spent Christmases alone here in the Burgh. It’s really not a fun time. But I can deal with it. I have before and I will do so again if necessary. I go to Florida to get away from the ‘Burgh. To have a vacation away from the stupid demands of my every day life. However…

Christmas was when we were supposed to bury Echo. I don’t know if I can wait much longer to do that. It’s been many months. I need my closure.

(musical selection at random by me)




2 responses

2 12 2008

i know how awful it is to travel during the holidays. i hate it, too. sometimes i think it would be so fantastic to just stay home for a holiday. but even though our life is here in the burgh, it wouldn’t be a holiday without our family. i mean what would we do on christmas? stare at each other while all our friends are with their families? i feel like you should go for christmas because you might be sad if you don’t. we can’t leave until christmas eve this year because of corey’s work schedule. that means a 6+ hour drive on christmas eve! i’m so bummed about it, but at least we’ll be there on christmas day, you know?

2 12 2008

hahaha Kenny. Know what’s ironic about that, my mom’s next door neighbor is a Kenny impersonator and travels around the country doing shows. no shit.

Holidays suck for us. There’s always drama coming from my side and since both of our families are 2 hours away (in opposite directions too) we went with flip flopping holidays so each family gets a year. Even though we’ve been doing this for years my side always tries to play the guilt card “oh well if you don’t want to spend it with us…” gotta love the catholics.

There’s always someone who has to be a dick. Open a beer and and think about your next blog post showcasing their stupidity

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