If I Had a Million Dollars

3 12 2008

Has anyone ever asked you this? What you’d do if you had a million dollars? I’ve been asked. Many times. And usually, I don’t have an answer.

(musical selection at random by DjLunchbox)

I’d put half of it away, immediately. Cause I know I’m a dumbass when it comes to money. Let’s face reality here.

Then I’d start handing out some of it…

First, I’d give my parents a significant portion of it. Why? Because it’s got to be at least whey they’ve spent on me, given me or loaned me over the years.

Second, I’d buy myself a kick-ass fix-‘er-upper house somewhere here in the ‘Burgh. And I’d buy whatever tools I’d need and don’t already own. And set aside some money to do the fixin’.

Third, I’d probably buy my sister and her new family something amazing. Not sure what. But it would be something. And it would be amazing.

What else? I wouldn’t quit my jobs. I’d get bored out of my mind if I didn’t work. BUT I would consider helping some friends buy our own bar. Or buying land for The Organization to have our own field…

I’d probably travel to Australia to see my family there. And to Scotland again to see family.

Besides all of that, I’m sure there’s a million little things that I’d do. For myself and for others. And since I’ll probably never have a million dollars, I think I’ll stop thinking about it now.




One response

4 12 2008

The funny thing is, I know EXACTLY what I would do with a million dollars. This is funny because I NEVER play the lottery. So I’m not really sure how I think I’m going to become spontaneously wealthy. But when I do, I definitely have a plan! Ha ha.

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