Don’t make the nice Claire angry…

6 12 2008

As you all I know, I spend some of my free time bartending at My Living Room. I’ve been doing it now for nearly 7 years. I do try to wait on people quickly and efficiently, which should in turn earn me decent tips. And I admit that I am not always the friendliest bartender on the planet. It kind of depends on the situation – who I’m working with, who else is in the bar and so on.

My view of the world sometimes gets me into a little trouble when I work. See, I have what is called a conscience. Growing up, I always thought that everyone else did too. Sadly, I was very, very wrong. But I don’t care how wrong I am. I still think you should behave when you are in My Living Room (or any other establishment). This means you don’t walk out my front door carrying your beer bottle. It means you do NOT start taking off your clothes in the middle of the floor while pretending it’s a karaoke bar. This means you do not mouth off or physically harm another person or employee. This means you adhere to Bar Etiquette 101. Failure to do any of these things may result in the “Angry Claire” making an appearance…


Seriously. It’s not pretty and it’s something no one needs to see anymore… There was a time when Angry Claire was a mainstay behind the bar. It was a time when certain members of  The Organization believed that since it was their “clubhouse,” they could do whatever they wanted. It took a while, but my co-workers and I finally convinced them this was not the case.

However, there’s still some carry over from that time and the Angry Claire. There are certain people who I can glare at, yell their name, or use a code word (yes, we had to go that far with one person) and they will immediately behave. Sometimes they just apologize. I think it’s hilarious. For some patrons, it’s a spectator sport to watch me do this.

And it’s definitely fun when I force a 6′ 6″ muscle-bound dude and his two buddies leave the bar at the end of the night. When I’m not even working. Is that so wrong?

Thanks to Chachi, Missy, Sorg, Anthony Closkey, DjLunchbox, V_Rock, MadMike, Ashley, Jennie & Rob for a fun time at SingSing.

And thanks to Chachi, Anthony, Jennie & Rob for heading back to My Living Room. I’m glad you all had fun!




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