It was a good day…

7 12 2008

Yesterday was kind of bizarre. I woke up with one of the worst headaches ever. I tried to sleep it off. That wasn’t happening.

Eventually I peeled myself off the couch and I went shopping. Shock. I know. I hate shopping. After a lightly slippy drive to Cranberry, I spent some quality time in Kohl’s. No, it wasn’t quality time. It as a waste of time because I only walked out with one sweater.

After shopping I was supposd to go to the Fox and the Hound to watch the De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao fight. Because of the crazy weather, we cancelled that. I was okay with that, because I had just picked up two double DVDs: Say Anything & Garden State and Fight Club & Boondock Saints. A great night in the making.

But then I found out that I could stream the fight on my laptop… and having the crappy internet connection that I have, I packed myself up and headed to My Living Room. I fully intended to watch the fight, pack back up and head back home.

But when I got there, I discovered that one of my favorite people, MG was in town. MG moved away a few years back with his girlfriend, Sunshine. It was so great to see them. Of all the people I know who lived here and then moved away, they are two people that I truly miss. So I ended up hanging out much longer than I should have, but it was worth it. Sometimes you just have to do things that are opposite of what you planned.




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