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8 12 2008

No music today. My brain just wasn’t in it. I have the dumb. Proof is below.

  • I don’t even believe it.  It’s the 2nd week of December. Nearly every day between now and Christmas there is something going on… And I haven’t bought a single Christmas present yet. And I have zero ideas.
  • I did, however, go shopping for myself on Saturday at Kohl’s. I had grand plans of shoes, sweaters, purses and housewares. I walked out with 1 sweater and two shirts from the clearance rack. I’m a shopping failure.
  • I’m scheduled to fly to Florida for Christmas in 15 days. But I’m not sure yet if I want to change my flight and just stay here. I’ve had offers from some friends for Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day is still a question. I just can’t decide what to do. And my parents and sister haven’t even asked.
  • Tomorrow night is the first meeting of a book club I’m a part of. I’ll write more about it later. I didn’t like the book, so this could be painful.
  • Wednesday could also be painful. Tango in Oakland. I promised someone I would go.
  • I found out Saturday night that Peaches’ last night at My Living Room is New Year’s Eve. Peaches was the first guy, back when he first started, whose final “test” was to make it through a shift with me. I’m going to miss working with him. I asked him if he wanted me to hang out that night or work with him. He said he wants me to work… but I’m not sure I really want to do that. I know I’ll end up at Ruggers if I don’t work, since it’s his last night. But if I do, then I might be begging all of you to stop down. I might even be able to swing some specials or something.
  • I have a regularly scheduled shift at My Living Room this coming Saturday. I think you should all stop in. As Jennie, Rob, Anthony & Chachi and a few others can tell you, it’s a very good place to hang out. Plus, I’d be your bartender. And I promise to be nice. That’s a win-win situation if ever there was.  Plus, we’ve got all kinds of fun new beers on tap…  Erie Fallenbock & Ol’ Red… Troegs Mad Elf… (and who knows what will be added this week)



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8 12 2008
Anthony Closkey

I endorse Ruggers. Here’s a video of last Friday there.

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