My Christmas Rant

9 12 2008

When I was growing up, we spent every holiday in Canada – Toronto or Montreal. There wasn’t a Christmas spent in Pittsburgh until I was in high school. The same was true for Thanksgiving, Easter and every other extra long weekend in the school year.

The holidays have been strange for me for many years. I actually recall having Chinese food for Thanksgiving in Niagara Falls. I remember spending Christmas Eve in a hotel, somewhere between Erie and Buffalo because we were snowed in. And Christmas Eve for us wasn’t always on the actual Christmas Eve. Sometimes it was a week early before we left for Canada. With only my parents, sister and I in the US, it was kind of hard to have that big family holiday that most of you know.

And now? Now Christmas has become a big pain in the ass. I don’t decorate. My apartment is just too small. But I have more decorations than you would believe. And Christmas now means I either spend it alone in my apartment, or I pack up and take a whilrwind trip to Florida… a trip that is so annoying in many ways, including the fact that I have to share it with the Evil In-Laws and their BS.

I’ve come to hate this time of year because it means I have to shop. With all the crowds. I avoid shopping like I would avoid the plague. But Christmas doesn’t leave you much choice.  And with the exception of the guy I dated last year*, I never, ever know what to buy anyone. Lately I can’t even get hints on what they want. This means I either claim & pay for something my mom has already bought for the person… or they get gift cards or subscriptions. What says Merry Christmas better than subscriptions to Men’s Health and Consumer Reports?

Oh, and then there’s the music. They force feed us this stuff starting long before Thanksgiving… With the expectation that it will make us happy, or “merry’ if you will… yet all it does is annoy 90% of us.

Yet amid all this BS, there is one, solitary song that brings a smile to my face and a bounce to my step. One song that I will voluntarily listen to. The song my sister and I HAVE to hear on Christmas Day.

Why? Because it isn’t the 3 millionth arrangement of Silent Night. That’s why.

* Said gentleman happened to mention that he wanted a garden gnome for his apartment. So guess what? He ended up with this little guy. And he loved it. He was kinda expensive, but OMG is he cute. He’s currently on said boy’s desk wearing a blue Winter Classic Pens hat. Win!





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9 12 2008
Burgh Baby

I have learned to overcome the shopping torture by just buying things when I see them and holding onto them. For example, I bought my MIL’s Christmas present in May because I saw something in a store and knew it was perfect for her. I have a big plastic tub in a closet for all the stuff, so I just have to sort through sometime in November and fill in the gaps. Online. Cause I won’t go to a store to Christmas shop. We go to malls and such this time of year, but never on a mission to buy gifts.

And? You will not hear any Christmas music in my car. At all. I love lights and decorating and giving gifts, but I could do without the music (with the exception of the tunes Alexis is currently singing because OMG! Cute!).

9 12 2008

you know what we’re doing next year? we’re taking the money we’d ordinarily spend on all our gifts (including shipping and wrapping paper) and donating it to charity. when they ask you if it’s supposed to be in someone’s honor, we’ll just list the names of the people we’d usually buy gifts for and they’ll get a little card in the mail. we did that for wedding favors and it was so awesome and i just can’t wait to do it for all our gifts. what a relief it will be! more like what actual jesus would probably do, you know?

also, i like rappy mcraperson’s “gimme stuff” song. pure, ironic genius.

9 12 2008

That’s not a bad idea… Except I draw a total blank when I try to come up with gift ideas. Brother in law could be easy, but I refuse to buy Patriots or Red Socks gear. lol.

No Christmas music in my car either. Just the one song. Played the one time. That is all.

18 12 2008

ha…i thought my family was the only one who goes to toronto for thanksgiving.

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