Book Club

10 12 2008

Last night was the first meeting for the new book club that I’m now a part of. For our first meeting, we were to read Waiter Rant. The book came about from the blog of the same name. I’m not normally a big fan of non-fiction books, but I was interested to give it a try.

By the time I was halfway through, I was bored out of my mind. None of the chapters were connected to the others, except for a mention of a few of the characters, and even then the characters’ stories didn’t even carry from one chapter to the next. It was difficult for me to keep reading. Honestly, I felt it was too choppy and covered things that most of us must assume – that some of us, as restaurant patrons, are just too demanding, too picky, too rude, too drunk, too arrogant to interact with others in that fashion. Also, a lot of it dealt with him trying to be a writer and complete the book. I made myself finish reading the book only because of this book club.

Fast forward to tonight. There were 9 girls in attendance. Two of them hadn’t finished the book yet. One of them hadn’t had time and the other stopped because she didn’t like the book. She’s not even sure she’s going to finish it.

It turns out that it was kind of interesting to hear how other people interpreted this book. We agreed that he captured the emotion of certain situations. But we also thought that he writes as if he views himself as the greatest waiter on the planet. Only a few of the girls there had ever worked in the food service industry, so it was interesting to hear how those who had and those who had not interpreted certain things.

At one point,I mentioned that the choppiness of the book made it seem like I was reading individual blog posts rather than a book. This started a whole new discussion. Only three of us who were there actually read any blogs. Two of us are bloggers, although only one person there knew of my blog. Some of them didn’t understand the point of being a blogger. Some of them were concerned that every blogger was out there trying to do what this guy did – be a writer and get a book deal. I tried to convince them that this was not the case. That it’s a form of personal expression. It was an eye opening conversation, to say the least.

We decided to keep the book club going. The girl who is hosting the next one is going to pick the book she wants us to read. I’m hoping that it will be something more in the fiction category…




One response

11 12 2008

Good for you to finish the book at least. Though I’m with you on not being a big fan of non-fiction…haven’t figured out exactly why. I suspect it’s because I’m just more interested in fantastic stories of one kind or another. Hope your next book is more exciting – something like The Time Traveler’s Wife (which I have to go get from the library and finally finish).

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