Den Mother? You betcha! Push Over? Not on your life.

15 12 2008

I’m back in business. Well, at least my online services are… And AT&T will be eating whatever overage charges there were for last month. Someone at AT&T told me that when my aircard hit 5GB/month, it was shut off… apparently that is not the case, but that same someone put a note in my account that they told me that. Therefore, AT&T is going to pay. Whew… $500 bill avoided.

Anyway, I think we’ve touched on this before. I am the Den Mother. I’ve become okay with it. I like the fact that I care about all the ruggers. I really do like it. And I really do care about all of them. Most of them wouldn’t believe it, but I do. They are my family. And I love them all. All their faults, dumb drunken errors and all. You play on the field with me, or for the men, if you respect me as an official when I run touch, then you are my family. The same runs true for the regulars at The Living Room. If you respect my house, then I respect you.

There are some new friends that fall into that last category. They respect my bar. And thus, they are family. I will do just about anything for them.

However, I’m not a push over. Especially when it comes to my so-called family… I do what I feel is necessary, at that moment to help, protect and guide my so-called family.

I love it when the protection of my so-called family and Living Room results in me working the door at said Living Room. It’s really kind of fun. I sit there, iPod on shuffle, card random freaks that walk through the door… and although I am a mere small woman at the door, no one fucks with me or my bar. It’s really quite fun. I try not to work the door often. But I am this Saturday. It will be fun. Good times all around…

Oh, and did I mention that I got to use my Dremel last Saturday to break through a padlock that the co-workers had broken? That was so much fun.




2 responses

15 12 2008

Dont worry, i wont cause much trouble!

15 12 2008
Anthony Closkey

You know angels are God’s fist. Happy to hear about the internet bill. Brava on the Dremel fix.

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