Sick of being sick

18 12 2008

I’m freaking sick of being sick. Sick of being unable to keep anything but clear liquids and soup broth in my system. It’s been nearly a week now. Over a week if you take into account my previous sinus infection.

When you’re unable to eat and drink like a normal person, you just feel like crap most of the time. Not like yourself. Personally I kinda like feeling like myself.

I went to the doctor on Monday, and ended up at Passavant Cranberry for blood tests. I don’t know what the phlebotomist was doing, but I still have a really great bruise on my right arm from the blood draw. Hawt.

I ended up being told to go to the ER today for fluids… I was not happy about this, but I’m glad I went. I gathered my insurance card and other pertinent card type things, and a book and headed over to Shadyside Hospital’s Emergency Room. And I have to tell you, talk about quick service. I walked in the door at 3pm. I was pre-screened within 15 minutes and was in a room in another 15. I went through yet another blood draw (bruising tbd) and was hooked up to a fluid line and given something for nausea. And then I lay there, reading for about 3 hours…In a totally hawt hospital gown. Yup, they made me change.

It was not all fun and games. I don’t know about you, but I have a minor aversion to needles. And having that IV line stuck in my arm for over three hours really freaked me out.

They finally told me I have your basic stomach flu. I was sent off feeling much better, with a written medical excuse for all the work I’ve missed and with a script for more anti-nausea drugs.

I’ve managed to keep yet more chicken broth and cranberry juice down tonight. Tomorrow I get to add in yogurt! Woo hoo! I did however discover that the bandage they put on the IV line didn’t quite do a good job. Let’s just say I had to re-banage it and keep my arm elevated for a while…

Anyway, I’m feeling better. Thanks to Chachi and Anthony for checking in with me while I was at the hospital and afterwards. I appreciate it.




2 responses

19 12 2008
Anthony Closkey

Chachi IS Anthony.

Enjoy this and feel better.

19 12 2008

No. Chachi is Tony. Anthony is Anthony.

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