Christmas in Florida

27 12 2008

I’m back home from my trip to Florida. It really was a nice & fun time. I spent about a day with my parents, then my sister, NE and my favorite dog on the planet, D, arrived. D was so excited to see me that it made all the travel and delays worth it.

D has been trained VERY well. So before I could run out of the car and hug her, she had to sit and be good and wait to be allowed to come to me. And then it was mass chaos. Hugs, kisses, a doggie trampling. Oh, so much fun. 🙂 D is a lover, not a fighter.

We went inside and I snuck D away to put her nice, new Christmas collar on her… it’s in the picture below, with the bell… along with her Christmas scarf and one of her toys (the red & white thing) that I tossed on her and she didn’t try to remove…


She looks very happy, doesn’t she??? At this point in my trip, my sister and NE had gone to visit the In-Laws and left D with my parents and I. When this happens, D gets very depressed. You’d think she was abandoned, lol. It’s really hilarious. She lays down with her head on the ground and gives you these big “poor dog” eyes. Fortunately, we can usually get her going by playing catch with her tennis ball (in the house, no less). She is such a sweetie.

I then gave D her other present from me. One of those random Petsmart stuffed toys. I gave her one last year and she demolished it in hours. This one took a little longer. She first chews it and finds one of the squeeky toys. Then she rips that area apart, removes the stuffing (doesn’t eat it, she pulls it out, turns to the side and spits it out. amazing) and removes the squeeky toy. She usually continues until it is just a shell of fabric. This year, it ended up (before I left) with stuffing in the head and feet, and nearly split into two pieces, held together by a strip of fabric about one inch by 1/4 inch. But this is it at its original attack…


Many thanks to my sister for helping to make this trip better. Have I mentioned that she is absolutely adorable pregnant? She is. She tried on a dress today for her friend’s wedding, and she looked gorgeous. 🙂 I can’t wait till there is not only D, but this baby to be excited for me to come and visit. That will be AWESOME.

I will probably have more to say about my trip, but right now, all I have is my thank you to my adorable sister, and my immediate love of D in these pics because I’ll forget if I don’t post them now 🙂



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