We’re almost halfway there…

29 12 2008

As I mentioned in at least one previous post, I think, my sister is pregnant. I may not have because of what I’m about to shell out here… I’m seriously excited about this… My sister and NE are expecting a baby sometime in early May. I think the current due date is May 9th. I’ve been asked to arrive somewhere around Memorial Day. Mom gets the first week, Mother-in-Law the second week. Then my sister has to fit myself and her three zillion friends into the fray.

Personally, I am mad that they live in Florida and hate myself that I don’t live there. Considering how happy I am to be with their dog, and how sad I am to leave her, what the hell am I going to do when I’m faced with this neice/nephew??? I’d come visit every weekend if I could… I can’t even imagine not seeing every single day of this baby’s life… Be prepared, people, this baby may FORCE me to leave the ‘Burgh. I’m just sayin’.

Right after we found out about the baby, I started looking on Etsy and thinking of all the wonderful things I could buy the baby. But then it dawned on me – what the heck am I doing buying something for this baby when I can build or sew or construct all kinds of stuff… I am totally building this kid his or her first toy box. I already have plans and everything! But I took upon myself the monumental task of sewing the baby a quilt. I chose the following little kit – good for beginners, apparently.


I originally decided it would be a BIG surprise for my sister… But then I packaged all my partial pieces and took them with me to Florida to show my mom. And last Friday she decided I should show my sister. So I did… I think she liked it. I’d like to think she loved it. Actually, I think she did. She liked that the flannel stripe fabric was so soft, (It is!)  and that it was so bright and had so many things to attract the baby’s attention… And she loved the personalization I’m going to add (I’ll have to add a pic of that once I’m able to)….

I’m really excited about this kid… I hate the heat of Florida. I do. I can’t even handle some of the hot, humid days we have here in the ‘Burgh. I faint if I get too hot (not even kidding, yo.) I don’t know how I’d live in Florida… But I have a feeling that come May, I’m going to reconsider my living situation…

Oh, what am I going to do!?!?!?!



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30 12 2008

2009 is the year to have babies!

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