Music is My Muse…

30 01 2009

That’s it… I’m not numbering them anymore. They numbers are way off and well, whatever, I don’t really care…

I also don’t know what made me find this song the other day. But I did, and it’s cute. And it’s about friends, so you feel all warm & fuzzy.

I can’t believe I wrote that and am going to post it.  Now I have to find some kind of angry song for tomorrow. That should be easy.


28 01 2009

Although I’m basically brand new to the social media & blogging world, I’ve been on Facebook for a while and MySpace even longer.


When I first signed up for MySpace I had a little moment of panic where I worried that people from my high school or other times would find me and request to be my friend. People who I don’t talk to anymore, and have no desire to talk to now. What would I do? Do I want them to know & see what I’m up to on a daily or weekly basis? Could I bring myself to reject their friend request? Would I feel guilty if I rejected them?

Fast forward a couple of years and now I’m all over the interwebz. The blog, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Flickr, and a whole list of other places. I’m generally pretty locked-down on most sites. Until recently you couldn’t even find me on Facebook if you tried. It’s partially because of the reason above, but mostly it’s because I don’t want to be bothered. Yes, I know it doesn’t really make sense. I just kinda like to be left alone. But being on these sites has led me to make some really great friendships and meet some very kind people (more on this coming later in the week).

But it’s finally happened. The people from my past have found me and I’m starting to freak out. It started with what I’ll just call absolute proof that Pittsburgh really is the largest small town on the planet.  I was okay with it, though, and accepted the request. Then came another request from someone in a totally different group of “old friends.” Crap. It’s been getting worse every day. New requests. A few times a day, even!! People I didn’t really even talk to back whenever… People that I don’t really care knowing what I do in my life on Facebook…


Can I really bring myself to reject these requests? Should I? I really don’t know what to do here… and to be honest, it’s making me a little cranky.

What would you do?

The package lied…

27 01 2009

FINALLY FINISHED THE QUILT. yes, I’m yelling. If I could go outside and scream, I would! It’s DONE!

By the way, I was finally going to throw out the packaging it first came in when I saw that it said this:  “Make it in a day! (approximately 4-6 hours)”

Wow… either I had an epic fail or 4-6 hours is a slight fib? Are you kidding me?? Let’s try 12 WEEKS. Oh, geez… In my defense, I did take off about 4 weeks in there after the while Brewfest fiasco… But still, the last two or three weeks, I’ve been trucking along… Like a crazy person, to finish this quilt.

000_0001The pretty background there, is my own duvet cover. Obviously I’m a HUGE fan of the primary colors. Matches my favorite painting… kandinskyI learned that putting a quilt together is NOT easy. But it’s fun. A challenge. I love a challenge…

I learned that I have a REALLY hard time sewing in a straight line… (kinda hard to see, but trust me on it)

000_0013I learned that I am capable of making gorgeous mitered corners on a quilt…. these are the same corner… opposite sides of the quilt…


000_0012But really, besides the HAND-STITCHING of the binding to the back of the quilt, which was awfully hard, in general, this thing was a cake-walk. Not sure I could do it in 4-6 hours… But overall it’s quite easy… and for now, I’m happy my complicated message worked out, though the pics are a bit blurry:



(in real life the “LOVE” is much more visible to the eye)


But, no matter, IT IS DONE…

Next up… The “TEASPOON QUILT” with a kind of fun adventure involvinga simpler personalization.  And I’m sure it will be done much faster and easier than this one…

Puff the Magic Dragon!!!!!

24 01 2009

No idea really what made me look this up last night… But I did, and look what I found!! Enjoy, because I certainly did…

And, yes, I watched it again this morning… Are you singing along yet? Yeah, I did too…

Do you know who the voice of Puff is? I knew it the second I heard!! His voice is so unique… And thanks to @RockinPRGirl, the rest of you can see who it is here!

To my sister and brother-in-law (NE)…

24 01 2009

(aka Music Is My Muse three-thousand-four-hundred-and-I-forget-dammit)

I’ve been trying, for a while now, to think of how to write an appropriate tribute to my Sister, like I did for my parents. But honestly, there is so much I want to say that I can’t even bring my mind to figure it out, categorize it and make it into a post… However, just yesterday, something happened that made this post necessary…  even if it’s brief – as a post for my both my sister and her husband, NE.

(fyi, expect to see this song again later, when the baby is born… just fyi, y’all)

A while back, I asked my mom who was responsible for the baby shower. I’ve NEVER been to one, I don’t know who does that, it’s certainly not the husband… I offered to try to do it from Pittsburgh and make invitations, thank you cards and such, just like I did for my sister’s wedding… I love doing that crafty thing, so you know I was up for it. Mom said she’d find out and let me know…

Last night, I talked to my mom about the quilt. Something had been giving me issues and my mom figured it out. She then mentioned the shower… it’s going to be at NE’s workplace (major win!) and I guess my mom and I are in charge… and the she told me the tentative date… March 29th… OH.MI.GOD.NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That tournament that is my ‘baby’? Yeah, the shower was planned for the very next day… Sunday. I don’t know how you are, but I certainly cannot clone myself to be in two places at once… Major FAIL. Well, forget rugby, this baby and my family are more important, right? Indeed!

So I immediately got on the phone to the rugby President, telling her what was up. Her answer, “That sucks, but family comes first.” That was what I hoped she’d say. I love that.

Meanwhile, my sister was on the other line… we talked, I told her The Organization now knew the situation and I was “excused” from being there… all was fine… I would be there, on the 29th, who cares about the tournament… Being “me,” I went out and researched invite designs and stuff and sent them off to my sister and mom… I was totally excited!!!

This morning, I got to work, ready to start working and look for flights for the weekend of March 28th, when I saw this:

“I talked to NE and we both would like you, AnnoyedAngel to be able to participate in your rugby tournament.  You work so hard on it, it would be best for you to be there.  He said that the weekend before would be good as well, so let me know if this works as soon as you can so I can tell him.”

Yes, I did start crying at that, immediately… And I immediately replied that that weekend worked for me (it’s when I usually work at the bar, but screw that, I’ll figure that out later. This baby and my sister are more important!!) How great are my sister and NE for recognizing the fact that I had something planned, which I have no say in the date selected, something I was in charge of, that is important to me, and rearranging things FOR ME… I really, really, really love and respect them for that… I realized at Christmas that they both acknowledge how much the two events I plan are important to me and how important that I’m involved in those events.

So we’re confirmed now and my flight is booked… and my quilt is almost ready… I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Anyone who reads this needs to understand, there is very little, on the grand scheme, making me stay here in Pittsburgh… my sister and I grew up not being very near any aunts or uncles… and the thought of this baby growing up and ME not being nearby…  not being there to see every achievement… let alone ANY achievement… it kills me. Really… If it wasn’t for the current economy and job availability, I probably would right now be planning a move to Florida… It’s still a possibility and on the table, but I’ve got to think about it more…

However, I’m sure they know that when this baby arrives, all bets are off and that kid totally overtakes any rugby/social media/friend event ever… In Pittsburgh or if I ever relocate to Florida… I definitely owe them about 2 or 10 or 30 weekends of “visiting” aka babysitting – so they can go out of town and have a weekend together… (especially since my fave dog D ruined their attempts last weekend!!) (and who am I to turn that down? Weekend in Florida with the baby, the dog and the cat? Are you kidding me? I am definitely the winner in that one!)

Thank you Lili and NE… I love you both and I do now owe you a significant number of babysitting nights… And to babysit for you when I visit will be MY honor, honestly. Love you both.

Lost – Season 5 – #1&2

22 01 2009

Well, last night certainly was eventful… I was joined in my Lost premiere viewing by some friends. Via Twitter. And WOW. When each season starts, everyone thinks it can’t be anywhere near as good as the last one. And then after the premiere, everyone’s minds are working overtime trying to figure out everything that the new season just threw at them.

And this season was NO different. From the beginning, we were unable to keep track of where the episodes were in the general Lost timeline. Characters past & present were thrown at us left & right. Present day, in the past, in the future? Where are we? Huh?faraday“Because You Left” was really, in my opinion, just a pre-cursor to episode 2, “The Lie.” “Because You Left” showed us Paul Chang dealing with an issue with “The Orchid” on the island… it showed Sayid nearly getting himself killed and ending up unconscious…  it showed us Locke near the “drug plane” & a run in with Etan. And it showed us the beach, where the survivors realize the burning freighter is no where to be found…

boatEpisode 2, “The Lie,”  is where things started happening. The “Oceanic 6” along with Desmond, Frank and Penny are seen discussing what to tell the world when they are found…


Meanwhile, back on the Island all kinds of crazy shit is going on… Charlotte is getting nosebleeds, apparently from the … Rose and Bernard are bickering… the survivors are bombarded by flaming arrows… (I swear, I had nothing to do with the death of “Neil” aka “Frogurt”)

And then, as if the sky opened up just for Chachi, we see Hurley driving an unconscious Sayid down the street. Hurley sees & hears a police car trying pull him over… and who is the officer? Why none other than Ana Lucia…

avisitfromanaGood old Hurley then takes Sayid to his parents place, and he has his father take Sayid to Jack. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Hurley is confronted by Ben. Skeevy Ben. Hurley ends up throwing his Hot Pocket, running out the door and giving himself up to the cops. Aw, geez….

There were two parts of the show where my Tweets and I had questions. First, we see Ben talking to someone at a butcher shop. Apparently this is where Ben is going to store Locke’s corpse for the time being… Who is this woman? I’ve found out that she is “Jill.” She looks very familiar, but I’ve yet to find any evidence that the actress or the character have appeared before, even in flashbacks.

The last part is the end, where Ben is seen speaking to a white haired woman who warns him that he only has 70 hours to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island. This woman is “Ms. Hawking.” Ms. Hawking was previously seen way back in Season 3 as the jewelry store worker when Desmond goes to buy a ring for Penny.

Now,  please bookmark Lost… and Gone Forever for his instant reactions to the episodes last night. Also, go ahead and bookmark Lostpedia too, since it helped me figure out who Jill and Ms. Hawking were…

Finally, the best line from last night, which I can’t stop laughing when I see it… From dacheet, “Who throws a Hot Pocket?!”

All of you who aren’t on the Lost band-wagon, Drink the Kool-Aid, yo. It’s delicious and it goes with everything. We swear.

Lost season premiere… TONIGHT!

21 01 2009

Need a preview/insight into tonight’s episodes? Then go read one of my favorite blogs… Lost… and Gone Forever.

Do it. Now.