Another addiction of mine…

7 01 2009

lost-logoLOST. The TV show. I’m a complete addict. Addict doesn’t even begin to cover it actually… Last season, when they moved the show to Thursdays, I left practice early, just so I’d be home in time to watch the show…

lost_cast_s2LOST has a few seasons old habit of running an ARG during the off-season… This past one (which I missed) was apparently awful. But I scheduled my time last winter (not kidding) to participate in

find815-adTwo weeks from tonight, LOST Season 5 premiers. Again on Wednesday. WIN! I can’t wait.

For those of you who want to do some catch up, or want more info…

  • There is a “Lost Book Club” that features all the books they’ve featured on Lost (for example the books Sawyer was reading)
  • Check out Lostpedia. Lots of GREAT info… But they do have spoilers, for those of you who try to avoid them, like I do.
  • One of my favorite sites for Lost info & insights into episodes is Lost… and Gone Forever. He does an amazing job of describing the episodes to come and then soon afterwards, recapping and examining them. Love it!
  • DarkUFO is also a great site for recaps, spoilers, and it was an awesome help for the Find815 ARG.

Some other, older, websites:

I’m sure there are more, but those are all that are on my laptop’s bookmarks. I probably have more on my other PC, so check back tomorrow in case there are updates…





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12 01 2009
Burgh Baby

Counting. the. seconds.

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