Friday night…

10 01 2009

I tried to write a post this evening… But my back is killing me and my brain is misbehaving and ice skating, to me, deserves more than a toilet-flush blog post… so I will get to that tomorrow…

All I have to say right now is — Yinz Team/Twitter Skating Night? WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN.

Yes, even with the back pain I have now… it was WIN. To the point where I can’t wait to call my Mom & Dad tomorrow and tell him about my ‘fave’ skate Velcro FAIL (it was due, I know), how I pulled out the “good” hockey skates and managed, and how everyone had a great time…

I’ll also tell them I fell – three times – and that I made eye contact with and got several smiles from a certain toddler and that we may have bonded over “snow.”

And also that almost everyone went to My Living Room afterwards. This part, my friends, is key… because THEY (the parents) have NEVER, EVER been there.

We will hopefully correct this during their visit next summer.




2 responses

12 01 2009
Burgh Baby

Win? Total understatement. I could do that every Friday.

12 01 2009

Same here. I am actually going to try to go one night during the week. North Park has a Tuesday night session 7:30-10 I think… However I have to get this back pain situation under control first…

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