Hello? Is there anyone in there?

12 01 2009

Good lord… my brain has been EMPTY for the past few days… maybe a week? I don’t know… I’ve been brain-dead for a while now. No ideas, no thoughts… Not even pictures, videos, music or anything… There has not been any rugby for a while, so I know I’m not suffering from a concussion. Been there, done that. And I am pretty darn sure I did NOT hit my head when I was skating.

It could be because I don’t have to think about things for The Organization anymore, at least not every second of every day… It took me until yesterday to finally update the auto-submit forms on the site… Just wasn’t in my sights… And I’m having trouble even getting ready for my BIG tournament in March. Seriously. That never, ever happens. What is wrong with my head?

Have you found my mind, my thought processes? Please… I’m sending out an SOS… a missing “mind” report… please, if you find it, please return it to me… Because in about a month, I’m going to hit that “OMG” I have stuff-to-do-point and freak the heck out on someone, or many ones. And seriously, I’ll need what I’m missing when I do that… Oh crap!

But for know, I’d really like to have my regular, functioning brain back, in any way, shape or form. Where I have ideas, thoughts, and things like that… How do I get it back? Cause I’m sort of lost without it… And this is all I have right now… silence…

Maybe it’s in hibernation because I haven’t yelled at, hit or snarled at someone recently and it’s looking to hit the crap out of someone while playing rugby… Maybe?? I don’t know!!! This doesn’t make sense. I am so out of the loop that I have no idea when practice starts or anything. I’m okay with that, but let’s get the winter over and start on rugby, please, so that I can have my mind back.





2 responses

13 01 2009

you could be pregnant. my mind is gone and that’s a definite symptom of pregnancy. OR you could be having sympathy forgetfulness. let me know when you start dropping things or going to bed at 9pm.

13 01 2009

I’m definitely NOT pregnant. Definitely. However, it could be sympathy forgetfulness, considering you, Laura, my sister and about 8 other people I know are currently expecting.

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