Living dead girl…

15 01 2009

Perhaps that’s what I am… Who knows… I’m more brain-dead and worn out over the past few days than I was in the past 2 years of working for The Organization. Part of this is just that it’s winter and the sun doesn’t exist and when I talk to the Floridians, they complain of the cold 60 degree weather… Yeah, that’s cold. Sure.

The other part comes from some people thinking they know how I am – whether I am burnt out from the work I do or not. Maybe I am just busy and it seems I’m burnt out?? Maybe you should freaking ASK ME?!?! Personally, I think I am the best judge of that, thankyouverymuch…

As a result of these people’s assumptions, my WTF reaction, my relationship with BirthdayGirl is a big pile of you-know-what right now… I know some Org people read this, but really, I’m disappointed that people did not put off a meeting where certain people should have been involved and that they did not include me in decisions involving one of the two events I agreed to plan for them. If I can’t make a freaking meeting, and you’ve got to have it, is it so hard to call me or text me? It’s not like I don’t text people back immediately. Or in the least, send me an update a few days later? Seriously… I know I wasn’t intentionally excluded and such, but I can’t be expected to clean up the bombs that go off as a result of decisions that are not my own… Am I wrong? Eff. This has me pissed. Makes me wish I hadn’t given up my uber-stressful involvement… That’s a lie, my giving up that shit has allowed me to some kick-ass things recently like participate in the Polar Bear thing and go skating last weekend…

Thanks for listening to my bitching… I just needed to vent a bit and just let it all out before I call someone and freak out or cause some kind of scene in My Living Room when they show up next.

Anyway, I’ve also been working on my niece/nephew baby quilt… Which I can now talk about here since I showed the plans to my sister at Christmas. The big ol’ middle part is completely put together… this weekend I’ll add the front top and bottom pieces and then attempt to put the whole dang thing together. This is scary territory… but it’s a learning experience, so it will be fun!

Once this one is done, I’m moving onto my awesome idea for quilt #2… It’s really quite nifty. And I’m really excited to get working on it… But more on that later…


I seriously cannot wait… even though I’ve created a LOST monster in @Chachisays…. oops, my bad, folks…




One response

15 01 2009

Sounds like you’re having fun making that quilt. I’ve done some sewing in the past but had more fun with my grandmother’s pro embroidery machine.

I’m thinking I’ll stay away from LOST for quite a while…I couldn’t watch the current season without having caught up with all the previous seasons first. Just like I can’t read book series out of order. Besides, there’s other things to do than watch TV. At least I’m caught up with Heroes.

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