Angry and Annoyed

16 01 2009

That would be me… You see, it’s kind of funny that @chris_lugo tweeted about my Bar Etiquette 101 page… not only because I think everyone who walks into My Living Room should have to read it and agree to behave appropriately, but also because a few nights beforehand, it seems there was a little incident at My Living Room. Involving the POLICE.

This was the second time the cops were there in 3 weeks or so. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING.

It just so happens that the same kid, SkateRat, was involved both times. The first time he accidentally hit the panic button. I don’t know exactly how one accidentally hits the freaking panic button, since the panic button is well hidden (I had no idea where it was until 2 weeks ago) and not something you can “bump into,” but ok, I’ll let him slide on that one…

This most recent time, apparently there were some really drunk random folks in the bar, being obnoxious, of course. Somehow some kind of argument started between the drunks and some regulars. I don’t know all the details, but in the end, SkateRat “freaked out” and hit the button for the cops.

I am fairly certain that I would not have reacted in the same way if I had been there… How can I say that? Well, cause it’s happened a few times already. When a situation breaks out, the first thing that happens is that I start yelling. I’m talking yelling the likes of which none of you have ever heard before… It’s soooooooo not a pretty thing to behold… Yelling that will leave me without a voice for days. The lights – all of them – go on immediately. The jukebox gets shut down.If I know the people, most likely you will find me in the middle pulling the people apart, then dragging them either out the front door or to the back door.

If they are total freaks and they haven’t yielded to the crazy lady screaming behind the bar… That’s when you grab “Socko,” the big piece of metal pipe we keep behind the bar. (Yes, from what I’ve heard a bartender has had to use it on another person before.)

However, that’s just me… and as for SkateRat, I guarantee you that the second a fight broke out, that kid was all deer-in-the-headlights terrified. Fail.

And the moral of this little story:

  • The cops coming to a bar, regardless of the reason, is never good for the bar. Ever. We’re definitely all in CYA panic mode now.
  • At no time, and under no circumstances is it a good idea to start a bar fight.
  • If the crazy lady behind the bar starts screaming, it’s probably a good idea to grab your shit and run. It’s either Last Call or all hell is about to break loose.
  • And most importantly…. Don’t Make the Nice Claire Angry



2 responses

18 01 2009

i saw you whip out socko one time when i first moved here. i remember thinking i was very glad you were on my team and also that you would probably have won in any confrontation that threatened you physically.

18 01 2009

Thank you, Katy… We all know I’m not really that mean and scary, but I like to keep the ruse up for when things like that go down. lol.

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