Minor quilt failure…

16 01 2009

So I’ve been working all week to get most of the baby quilt done… and while I was terrified the entire experience would be made up of “Oh crap, what did I do when cutting this with that rotary cutter tool?,” mostly everything came together quite nicely…

I was very, very pleased. Until last night… When I thought I had totally failed with the darn rotary board and cutting tool, but it turns out I had just left and extra 1/2″ of fabric on the one piece. *whew* that was a relief to discover.

So tonight, I had the big major piece all together and had to add on the top and bottom borders… the bottom one is one big strip of fabric… No big deal, right?  The top is a bunch of squares sewn together. The first piece I had sewn together. And apparently I FAILED on that one, because I was missing around 2″ of fabric. Whoops. Turns out, I did have a major fail when I cut some fabric and the one square was oh, 1″ shorter than it needed to be. Duh. I happened to have enough fabric to make up for it, so I fixed it, sewed it to the big ol’ piece and then added the bottom strip… I was so excited to be done with the top piece!!

(please excuse the quality of the pic… the repaired camera isn’t here yet… relying on my phone)


And then I remembered… oh yeah, wasn’t I going to add some personalization to this thing? Along the entire length of that bottom strip? Oh crap… Yes, I was… and I am. So I had to remove the whole thing. Stupid me…

It’s now removed… And sometime this weekend I’ll iron on and sew these jumbles of letters onto it… so that you’ll see them along the bottom of that picture above…


“Made With”


“Love By”


“Aunt Claire”

Awwww. How cute am I?? Not much. I’m actually angry right now. Thank god for this kid tempering my anger. I love that child already and can’t wait for the webcam visits.. Just wait for a post tomorrow sometime post to find out why I’m angry this time…

However, by Sunday, this strip o’ fabric WILL be done… and I’ll be ready to freak out about basting the whole thing together before I attempt to sew it…

To be honest, this hasn’t been a disaster, which I thought it might be. Instead it has been fun and a great challenge and a real education in a different sewing technique…  I CANNOT wait to show my sister and mom the finished project… my sister reads this sometimes, so when it’s done, I can’t post it until she sees it 🙂

And I can’t wait to see my neice or nephew laying on it as they are growing up.

And when it’s done, the big “Teaspoon” project will begin… hopefully faster than this one…

Oh, by the way, the quilt kit I bought, which included all fabrics – I had to buy the coordinating thread, and padding – says this quilt can be done in a weekend… I think it’s taken me like 3 months… FAIL. Meh.




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