Don’t poke the bear…

18 01 2009

So tonight I attempted to make it to the Yinz Team bowling event. But when I hit Washington Rd./Rt. 19 after the Liberty Tunnel, I discovered that getting going from a stop light  up a hill wasn’t really working for me… And driving all the way to almost the South Hills Village Mall was NOT happening. So I turned around and headed to where I expected to end my night, My Living Room.

And it was a fun night, but the best part is that I learned something about myself that I’ve never, ever been told before. Something I never actually expected to hear… I am apparently more scary than a Marine Drill Sargeant. How funny, sad, awesome, scary, amazing, spectacular, a disaster is that?!?!?!

I didn’t mention it before, but the reason that I, personally, went to My Living Room after our Skating Adventure was to see my friend, the Marine… He entered boot camp a while back and that was his first night home for a week before he heads back out… He’s always been kinda fun to have in My Living Room – he’s always offered to help with things, and he’s always begging me for matches or a lighter, which i refuse to give him – and he really likes hanging out there, so I wanted to be the first person to buy a beer for him there. And I did.

Tonight was his last night in town, and he was heading back to MyLiving Room. I fully intended to go there after bowling… but I ended up there earlier. The Marine showed up and after a while, he asked if I’d be mad if he took his shirt off… To his benefit, he has apparently undergone an amazing weight loss… I respect that, but we have a strict, non-publicized, no nakedness policy in My Living Room, so I told him no. Thankfully, a stern look from me and repitition of his name will make him change his mind… Funny… or so I thought.

Right as I was leaving, the Marine decided to share… a story I will now try to repeat… At one point during his basic training, the drill sergeant asked him if he was scary or something and our Marine replied that no one was scarier than this bartender back home at My Living Room — meaning me… The drill sergeant made him do 200 push ups. The Marine told me it was worth it, because I truly was scarier than the drill sergeant.

(many thx to @chachisays for the musical selection! I *heart* Clutch)

I’m not going to lie… that made me grin like crazy and I may have even jumped up and down. Ok, maybe I did a little victory dance too…

But this brings me to tricky situation… I’m not so happy that I’m scarier than a drill sergeant. Really… However, if I made boot camp a tiny bit easier for the Marine, then I’m cool with it. For now… But honestly, if you know me truly, you know I’m not that scary… I’m really just like an M & M. A hard shell with a softy center…





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18 01 2009

Im just awesome like that!

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