MY take on a picture meme…

19 01 2009

The original meme is as follows:

Go to your picture files
Go to your 6th folder
Go to your 6th picture
Tell us about it
Tag 6 friends to do the same

I wasn’t tagged, and I won’t tag anyone else, but I saw the meme on ClumberKim‘s blog and I wondered what was my 6th folder, 6th picture… and there was nothing. Only 4 pics… FAIL…  So I decided to try 8. 8th folder, 8th pic. And here we go people…


I know, you’re all like, what the hell is that, little ants on the ground? No, that is photographic evidence from last year of my “baby.” The one thing that I have been in charge of for almost the entire time I’ve been with The Organization = our collegiate tournament…

When I first joined in 2002, this was my first big “event” as a player and a club member. I showed up that late Saturday in March at 7:30 or 8am, and there was SNOW on the fields… ALL 5 of them… We had to use our feet to dust off the field lines… OMG did it suck to play on those fields… The fields are actually a campground. We go up the week before and fashion rugby fields out of the area… When I first came around, we had setup Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and for clean up we were there till nearly 10pm… During my time in charge, we’ve grown to 7 or 8 fields… and I’ve tried to decrease the times we spend building and taking down those fields.

What people don’t understand when I try to tell them, is how BIG it has become… that picture above doesn’t do it justice… I have more to say on this as the event draws near… but for now, I’m going to share some other pictures a former player’s friend took for us. I am extremely grateful…

If you show up this year, this is a view from the hill opposite from where you drive in… if all goes well, you can find me in one of those striped tents on the left side…. my goal, to repeat last year, is to stay there for the most part of the day…







2 responses

19 01 2009

You’ll have to see what my 6th folder 6th pic is…I’ll put it up tomorrow for you.

19 01 2009

Ok… I have a feeling that it will be amusing…

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