Steelers Sunday FTW

19 01 2009

Today started out with me on my couch. I love my couch. Watching the Pens on one of the four channels I receive (thank you NBC) and being amazed, again, at Sid. Honestly, he got every ounce of talent that was ever given out on the birthdate of August 7th. I know, cause that’s my birthday.

As I have mentioned, on Steelers Sundays, I occasionally stop by Pseudo-Twin‘s place to watch the game and enjoy the BYO-meat event. My attendance waned at one point… Early games… Work late at My Living Room… hard to wake up & motivate.

But I went last weekend, it was good times.. And as usual, I left at halftime… And my leaving was protested by a few people… Since the most recent football game I had watched was the OSU Fiesta Bowl, starting at My Living Room, leaving at halftime and returning home… and well, I let UncleCrappy down by leaving. Honestly.

We weren’t supposed to hang out this weekend. The gang was planning on going to some crazy bar on the North Shore. Somewhere that is not my style in any way, shape or form… But PT came thru for me. The Steeler Sunday at PT’s place was on! And Dennis came through for me and my heartburn… he made chili and it wasn’t ridic hot or anything. It was quite tasty… And I didn’t have to eat any of my Rolaids. Quite happy with that… Thank you Dennis…

Honestly, this was the most fun I’ve had watching a Steelers game. We decided to test ourselves interpreting the riddles on the inside of Lion’s Head beer bottle caps… good times… My face hurt from laughing and smiling at points… We laughed so hard at inside jokes that are based at PT’s house… the “Jerk Couch” that expanded to be pretty much a “Jerk Room” FANTASTIC… We also laughed our assess off at a number of comments my Twitter friends sent, and that I read out loud… Good lord, were your tweets hilarious. Even Dilbert remembered that I “Twitter.” LOL. I nearly died from the hilarity and the fact he remembered the word “Twitter.”

I decided to tempt fate and stay for the whole game… Crazy, I know. But sometimes I throw that out there, it’s one in a million. But it was an insane game…. I screamed at the TV for the first time this season… Actually, I screamed at the TV a few times…

To end your fan-freaking-tastic Penguins and Steelers Sunday, I leave you with the extraordinary Mindbling’s new Steelers Song… Enjoy…




One response

19 01 2009

My birthday is totally on August 8! We’re like twins.

MindBling and Crew’s jam is totally incredi-awesome!

Sounds like I need to get with you guys for the Super Bowl. Totally.

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