The package lied…

27 01 2009

FINALLY FINISHED THE QUILT. yes, I’m yelling. If I could go outside and scream, I would! It’s DONE!

By the way, I was finally going to throw out the packaging it first came in when I saw that it said this:  “Make it in a day! (approximately 4-6 hours)”

Wow… either I had an epic fail or 4-6 hours is a slight fib? Are you kidding me?? Let’s try 12 WEEKS. Oh, geez… In my defense, I did take off about 4 weeks in there after the while Brewfest fiasco… But still, the last two or three weeks, I’ve been trucking along… Like a crazy person, to finish this quilt.

000_0001The pretty background there, is my own duvet cover. Obviously I’m a HUGE fan of the primary colors. Matches my favorite painting… kandinskyI learned that putting a quilt together is NOT easy. But it’s fun. A challenge. I love a challenge…

I learned that I have a REALLY hard time sewing in a straight line… (kinda hard to see, but trust me on it)

000_0013I learned that I am capable of making gorgeous mitered corners on a quilt…. these are the same corner… opposite sides of the quilt…


000_0012But really, besides the HAND-STITCHING of the binding to the back of the quilt, which was awfully hard, in general, this thing was a cake-walk. Not sure I could do it in 4-6 hours… But overall it’s quite easy… and for now, I’m happy my complicated message worked out, though the pics are a bit blurry:



(in real life the “LOVE” is much more visible to the eye)


But, no matter, IT IS DONE…

Next up… The “TEASPOON QUILT” with a kind of fun adventure involvinga simpler personalization.  And I’m sure it will be done much faster and easier than this one…



7 responses

27 01 2009

It’s beautiful! And to think I was patting myself on the back for making a WAY more simple baby quilt. I would have gone insane from frustration and possibly stabbed myself making yours.

27 01 2009

it’s beautiful! And much more complex than the one I am making right now.

27 01 2009
Burgh Baby

Dude, circles? You did circles? I bow to your superior quilt-making skills!

You did a FANTASTIC job!

27 01 2009

Lol. The circles really weren’t hard at all!! now, you can’t see the stitching around them or else you’d maybe think differently!

Thank you! Just wait till the next one!

27 01 2009
Uncle Crappy

I can barely operate a sewing machine without stabbing my fingertips over and over. I am seriously impressed.

27 01 2009
Fonda Bruises

WOW, it looks awesome! You should be so proud. Now what the hell is a Teaspoon Quilt??!?

27 01 2009

Will send you an email to explain.

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