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3 02 2009

super-bowl1Heck, yeah… The Steelers managed to have us nearing heat-attack status, but they came through for us in the end… and we’re now 6-time Super Bowl Champions!!

My friends at Commonwealth Press said it best, before AND after


I’m lame, and I stayed home for the game. But I had a friend at My Living Room, to keep me up-to-date on what was going on. Why did I stay home? Well, first, I didn’t get a “delay” in the starting time at my job Monday… And, seeing as how Evil Boss Lady is on one of her Super-Evil tirades, I was hesitant to do anything that would make me late or unable to work Monday Morning. Second, I hate being in My Living Room when it’s very crowded and I’m not working. Third, I really don’t like crowds. Really.

So, to console myself for being responsible, I made my favorite meal… Sweet’n’Sour Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice. And old school recipe my mom used to make. If someone else in the world thinks this looks good and wants the recipe, you can leave a comment. I swear it’s delicious.


My informant provided me with the following news from My Living Room: Asshat, the bane of my existence, being lazy, called the bar and had them RESERVE bar stools for him – right by the door. Stools that, had I gone to the bar, would have been where I WANTED to sit… Big Dumb Moron (BDM) was kicked out because he was wasted and got jealous because his girlfriend spoke to someone.


Oh, those poor Cards fans… I might have had a better time than most of them did, even though I stayed home. I watched the whole game from my couch, and shared reactions, opinions on commercials and random comments with my friends on Twitter. And boy, did the Steelers give us stuff to Tweet about…

Like the Harrison 100-yard interception touch down…


The Larry Fitzgerald TD…


But then Santonio Holmes sealed the deal for us…


And Ben celebrating…


And then we were treated to the live news reports from Oakland and South Side. Oakland… I have NO idea what happened there… they went nuts. Overturning vehicles, lighting couches on fire… demolishing bus stop enclosures. You freaking morons… I can’t even find the words to explain what I think of what happened there.

Meanwhile, in the South Side, things were relatively quiet. The streets were filled, but only a small amount of damage was done… I did, however manage to spot ONE person that I knew on the news. He’s a huge, and I mean huge, Irish guy who really likes to take off his shirt when he drinks. And guess what? He was on the news, in the crowd, sans-tshirt… I found out today that he lost his shirt, Terrible Towel and his hat. And he thinks they were stolen. I think not.

I know I missed out on the “fun” at the bar. But I had a great time watching a great game at home, and I still have a job. Yay!

I leave you with a good friend’s Newsbreak video from the Beaver County Times. Love, love, love that he works in the OHIO STATE BUCKEYE/Santonio Holmes connection. 🙂




One response

3 02 2009
Uncle Crappy

Hm. The guy in the video is kinda funny, but he really needs a haircut.

I’d love to have those recipes, please.

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