Music is My Muse – Pittsburgh Symphony!

7 02 2009

I was nearly late for the Symphony Friday night. As in, so late that I sat down, took off my coat and the lights dimmed! Yikes!

Honestly, I may be a complete moron. Because as much as I love my Bolero… apparently I had forgotten – or maybe never known? – the history of the song… I’ll just give you the link to the Wikipedia page for Bolero, since it explains it better than I can…

Seeing it live again, I had to make myself stay seated and calm. Honestly. I was incredibly moved by the performance. So happy! 🙂 However, at one point, I was a bit concerned for the 1st chair Clarinet player. Man, did his face get red through that performance. Wow.

But it was worth it and I can’t wait to hear it again on Sunday.

Now, what I wasn’t expecting was to find a new piece that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is Edouard Lalo‘s Symponie espagnole for Violin & Orchestra, Op. 21. The featured violinist was Andres Cardenes. And by far, besides Bolero, this was my favorite part…




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7 02 2009
Uncle Crappy

Experiences like the one you had last night are why I can be such a freak about live music of any kind. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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