Sew what’s been going on?

11 02 2009

Oh yeah… I can sew almost like a freaking professional! For now, you have to take my word on it, cause it’s a big SURPRISE for my sister at her baby shower… so give me till late March. But really, I attempted two things – one, very simple… worked out great. And then something I thought was impossible and I was convinced I had wasted  a lot of money… and then it really worked out okay!

So, in addition to the quilt, which my sister knows about, she’s also getting a few other home-made things that I’m totally excited about!!

In other news, I’ve sort of embraced a couple of the high school people who have asked me to be friends on Facebook… There are maybe, maybe 5-8 people I have wished and prayed that I had kept in touch with since high school… I just didn’t have those connections, and I’m a failure at writing actual letters… Thank god for email.  But I’m sorry I didn’t… There were maybe 2 or 3 that I always wondered what they did. And my mom, through her friends, never knew what happened to them. But through Facebook I have now found one of “those” friends… Someone I lost track of and hoped that they did what I dreamed they would do….

And you know what? That person? He DID what I dreamed he had done!!!! I’m so happy for him… He did what I always dreamed of – traveling and living music.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am that I finally reconnected with this guy. He is happily married, which makes me even more happy for him. We’ve shared a few Facebook messages back & forth over the past few days and on one hand, it makes me hate that I didn’t keep in touch before now. I fail. On the other hand, I’m so glad that I finally reconnected with someone who had a great impact on me in the past.

I gave him the site address for this here blog, and he’s read it and I hope he continues to. I hope that my rugby travels take me to where he lives. I’ll put it here in writing… if my team ever makes it to a playoff or whatever out his way, I will FIND a way to pay to go and visit… that’s a promise, sir.




2 responses

11 02 2009
Himith who you speakith of.

Whoa! This is SWEET. I am the topic of a blog. I find that being written about in blogs is the life for me. I accept. How cool CB. I even got a song. We must have this published immediately!

I am thankful for the kind words. It’s great we liked each other! What would you have written had we not gotten along? The question you’ve got me wondering now is, would the reality of what I experienced over those 13 years live up to the fantasies of a drummer’s life that you imagined? At one point I learned to recognize the important moments as they happened. To live in the moment is way better than trying to remember the moment to experience later. Living it means we can guide it in real time and bathe in the experience rather than later feeling like it happened to us and we weren’t active participants. It’s curious how things turn out don’t you think. Sometimes the people we know for the shortest time can have the biggest impact on our lives. I am certain that we choose our path in life. I’ve never waited on anything and I don’t intend to wait on my current challenges. My life is my amusement and never ceases to be novel. It is a drama of many scenes and without an end. Your life is just a candle and your dreams must give it flame. Hell, I’m gettin’ good at this… I may need a blog now. Thanks Claire.

11 02 2009

Well, seeing as how this is an outlet for my rants, I’m sure I would have had all kinds of mean & nasty things to say about you had we never gotten along… oh, wait, no I wouldn’t have. My conscience would have prevented me from publicizing such nonsense.

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