So much to do…

16 02 2009

Hello!! I’m still alive!! I’m not MIA. I swear. I spent the majority of last weekend overwhelmed with my sewing projects. Which means not online. It also means my brain is spinning because of sewing stuff and I can’t even think of topics to blog about…Oh, yeah, I’m also helping to plan and host my sister’s baby shower. And making the shower favors…  AND I’m running a rugby tournament at the end of March. OMG.

Fortunately, the rugby tournament is coming along. It kind of runs itself right now. Although, I’d love if more teams started paying the registration fee. So far only 16 of 34 teams have paid. And unfortunately for them, the cost goes up $50 as of March 1st…

I realized last week that I am runing out of time for these many sewing projects I’ve taken on… Teaspoon’s due date has been moved up, which means I better get moving on his quilt! A quilt I hadn’t even bought fabric for! Also, I have a little over one month until my sister’s baby shower. The shower where I’m oficially giving her the quilt and a thousand-million other things. A thousand-million other things that are not made yet!!!! Everything for my sister is going to have to be shipped to Florida – no way I can pack all of it. Which means it has to be ready mid-March at the latest.

But I’ve been working on it. I spent all day Saturday in or driving to JoAnn Fabrics & Michaels. I then spent the evening cuting out the pieces for Teaspoon’s quilt. And creating and adding the ‘personalization.’ So far, I have a few pieces sewn together besides the personalization pieces. So I’m happy with the progress.

My other projects, well, one of them isn’t really started yet, although a prototype was made and is semi-acceptable. But I found the embellishments I wanted over the weekend. The finalization of the the start of project #2 didn’t work out so well. I think it might have something to do with the thread tension on my sewing machine. I’m still working on that. And project #3, well, it looks craptastic. So I’m making the appropriate adjustments.

Oh, yeah, I also have to read a book by Feb. 25th for the book club. I just bought the book last week….

Here’s to hoping I can get ALL of this done in the next few weeks…. Hah.




One response

17 02 2009
Burgh Baby

Sometimes I worry that you are trying to become the definition of “stretched too thin.”

Good luck with all the sewing!

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