The things I make the Midgie deal with…

18 02 2009

Oh, the poor, poor Midgie… I love her so. But she puts up with so much crap from me…but she’s still so cute…


On Monday I had to miss some work because my front suspension started doing something wacky over the weekend and I was having trouble driving in a straight line… So I had to take my car in. Result? I need two new tires. $170 minimum. WTH? I’ve had this car since 2005. And I’ve already put a new set of tires on it. What the heck? Is the Midgie eating tires? Is she really that hungry? I swear, she is never on E in the fuel department. I have to pull the receipts from the last two sets I purchased to see if there’s a chance they are still under warranty – because the two tires I have to replace? They are shredded – nearly bald. Nice.

But wait. It gets worse. Much, much worse. This morning I woke up early, intending to stop at Giant Eagle on the way to work to pick up something for a potluck. I’ve been sewing so much I have zero time for cooking. I walked out the front door to my apartment building, and see my car… with a HUGE orange “we gotcha” sticker on it. I knew what it meant – I had seen cars like that throughout the city – my passenger side was gonna have a boot on it. And it did.


The orange sticker said I had overdue tickets and owed a HUGE – and I mean HUGE – sum of money. Let’s just say that just the boot removal fee – it’s $300. I’ll explain HOW I got the tickets shortly. First, I had to figure out how & where I was going to pay this money. If you don’t pay in full within 72 hours, they come and tow your booted vehicle and then you can add storage and tow fees. Nice. I figured everything out by 10am or so… not a fun time, really.

And I ended up walking to work this morning. Approx. 2 miles. In a nice misty, rain situation. Awesome. I did that on purpose, because Evil Boss person hasn’t been believing me lately when I’ve had car or sick issues. So I like to prove her wrong now. It’s like a hobby.

So, how I got any tickets at all… I’ve lived in the same place since May 2003. Sometime around 2005, unknown to me, or many of my neighbors, our street became a “Residential Parking Permit” area… I found out after my first ticket. They had come in, set up signs and left. I have to assume that the property owners were sent a letter, right? But my landlord never said anything.

I looked into getting a permit, back in the day, but you had to have not only a driver’s license & registration with the current address, but also a current lease or utility bill. I couldn’t get one because: 1) at the time, my vehicle was still registered to my parents house (long story,) plus 2) my lease is from 2003 and just renews itself and 3) I don’t pay ANY utilities in my apartment. I don’t even have cable!!  Now a shortcut here, would be to get a new lease, right? Well, my rent has not increased in 6 years. I’m not about to ask for a new lease and have the landlord re-think my payments.

But wait?? I have to pay to park on my street when I’m normally at work? WTF is that about?? I understand that the city will tax/permit everything under the sun to make money. And I understand that West Penn Hospital is nearby, and I do know – from personal conversations and seeing it with my own two eyes – many West Penn Employees park in my ‘hood and hoof it to work. But WHY do I have to pay to park in front of my building if I have a day off or I’m sick??? That just isn’t right, especially when there was no way for me to get a permit.

Fast forward to today. After a good ear bleed caused by my mom, I promised to take whatever docs I could to get a permit. I considered a bus, but the ride to town would take a minimum of 46 minutes? How is that possible? I considered walking. Much further than the 2miiles to work… Thank god for my good friend Chachi, who gave up a half of a vacation day from work to pick me up and take me downtown. We swung by my apartment for my registration and lease, plus a AT&T bill and my most recent pay stub from my job.

We found the Parking Court, parked nearly immediately and I headed in to the cashier. It took approx. 5 minutes to pay my fine. They guy at the window said they’d send someone to un-boot my car. Gee, thanks.

Chach then headed with me to the Permit office. I was nearly immediately turned away by a mean little woman. She didn’t care that my lease (on the front page) specifies that I pay NO UTILITIES. My lease is dated 2003. And even though it says on the last page this lease continues forever… She didn’t bat an eyelash… She cared even less that I had an AT&T bill and/or my paystub. I was summarily dismissed to read “the wall” which specified what they accept.

BUT then I saw something that might help me… they NOW accept a notarized letter from your landlord saying you live there. This did present with crazy obstacles… how “happy” will my landlord be to have to do this? Not much… But I did find another friend who can help me out. He’s a notary. And I’ve already asked and he said get the letter and the landlord and he’ll drive the few miles between us to make this happen.

Then… I have to miss work AGAIN to get the damn permit. Great.



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19 02 2009
Uncle Crappy

You were right — the rest of the story was even better…

I understand how that might work, though. My old landlord — forever known as Jackass Landlord — never asked me to sign a lease. And raised my rent only twice in 14 years … which, of course, that was his justification for never, ever fixing anything. I would have been in the same situation.

19 02 2009

Thanks. Totally ridic. Now I have to beg the landlord, who hates when we call, to help with this letter. Heck, I’ll write it and get it all ready for her. She just has to show up and sign it in the presence of my buddy. Good luck to me! ugh.

19 02 2009
Anthony Closkey

What a crap week. And a crappier attitude from your landlord. Seriously? You’re in a business relationship with this person and you deserve better.

I won’t point out what things you did wrong. You probably know better without me saying it, and right now you owe a lot of people money. I’ll just say I’m sorry.

Bravo to Chachi, btw!

19 02 2009
Burgh Baby

Chachi to the rescue! Maybe when he’s Mayor he will get rid of the whole stupid mess.

Until then, glad you’re getting your permit. It’s better that way.

19 02 2009
Himith that used to drummeth.


20 02 2009

Seriously! Did you see my post from yesterday??? Major FAIL!!! I’m a semi-major disappointment to my parents at this point.

20 02 2009

Moral of story: you should get cable.

21 02 2009

I don’t WANT cable… I’m usually not home enough to warrant cable and the cost… what I’d like right now is for the dang landlord to call me back after my two voice mail messages. lol.

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